Great holidays in Europe at sea

Sometimes we realize that we don’t want to spend our vacation in hotels with an ordinary service and lots of people around. Instead we wish: to spend free time in a quiet place together with the family.
Solet´s talk about the sailing at a yacht.

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Recently yacht charter is getting easier still. It is remarkable that the difference between the five-star hotels stay, and the yacht voyage wouldn’t be essential.. With the company’s help, you can have an unbelievable weekend on a sailboat or catamaran in Europe. You may choose the destination and the company will do the rest. Only at sea you will feel the real freedom and will have the opportunity to understand yourself and better understand your family. Holidays in Europe at a yacht can join in it 2 things: sightseeing and of course the sea cruise. What could be better than spending holidays in Europe together with your family?

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Ports of the Mediterranean coast?

Planning your family holidays in Europe and especially in the Mediterranean sea, surely you need to visit Marina di Olbia. You will be excited by the Archipelago of La Maddalena, the place where everyone can find amusement for its taste. There are 3 shopping business centers, great beaches, and just nice places ro go. Sailing across Europe you will find a lot of wonderful places around Olbia.

Caprera island

Caprera Island is connected with La Maddalena Island by a bridge. This is the second by the size island, nethertheless, this is one of the most beautiful places in the world. Carpera is famous for its pristine beaches, crystal water and the sea breeze, bringing a dizzying smell of juniper, myrtle and pine needles. This island is also famous for Giuseppe Garibaldi who used to live there for a long time.

The island of Santo Stefano

This island looks like a natural inaccessible fortress with its rugged coastal cliffs , it has no natural beaches and vibrant vegetation. In the center of the islands there is a former prisonfounded by the Bourbon dynasty in the 18 th century. Planning a yacht Charter in Europe you wouldn't find the place better than the island of Santo Stefano.

If you prefer other destination the company Yacht Voyage you will assist you in finding a lot of beautiful places that will make your holidays in Europe never-to-be-forgotten. If now you are considering where to spend your vacation just call and the company Yacht Voyage will provide you lots of proposals.

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