Rent a boat Lagoon380 Montenegro, Summer 2019

All the most important facts of the yacht and catamaran rent in Montenegro – why it is so affordable and how to avoid mistakes. Contract, terms, useful tips before going there. Catamaran Lagoon380 has 4 cabins and is certified for 12 persons maximum, it offers 5-star hotel comfort. Montenegro is a very democratic counrty, Yacht Voyage base is located in Tivat where we also have our private beach with a beach club, parking and other facilities, the airport is situated at a stone’s throw. The Russians enjoy visa free regime. Please note that the rates depend on the season. You may have a bareboat or crewed charter. Mind some additional services and charges. Please see below the complete calculation of your holiday budget. Call us: +7 495 721 4979

Period Rates
06/04/19-04/05/19 € 2000
04/05/19-25/05/19 € 2200
25/05/19-22/06/19 € 3500
22/06/19-27/07/19 € 3600
27/07/19-24/08/19 € 4000
24/08/19-21/09/19 € 3700
21/09/19-19/10/19 € 3000
19/10/19-08/11/19 € 2000
Day Charters
1 day+extras,skipper and gasoil € 1000
2 days+final cleaning and outboard engine
€ 1200
3 days+final cleaning € 1700
4 days+outboard engine € 2300
Extra day € 600
Refundable deposit € 3000
Required services:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen and towels, gas) 170 €/charter
Outboard engine 80 €/week
Transit log 120 €/charter
Refundable deposit 3000 €
Kayak 130 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (with the refundable deposit of 500 EUR)
WIFI 50 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/piece
Permission for Croatia 300 €/boat + 50 €/day of your sailing there (to be communicated to the base in advance)

After inspecting the yacht and signing your check in protocol at our base in Montenegro you are to leave the refundable security deposit (3000EUR). It is obligatory as we will have to cover possible damages that you are responsible for. In case of no damages by your fault you will get the full refund (if there were some damages we refund the deposit partially). The check out procedure is carried out by the base manager and a diver who makes underwater inspection of the hull. The sea doesn’t allow carelessness.

Yacht Voyage also offers to limit your liability by having the deposit insured (this is called damage waiver). In case of L 380 you will pay: 350EUR for the insurance service, the refundable deposit is thus reduced to 500EUR. You may pay it in cash or have it blocked on your credit card. Please mind that your bank may need a week or more to unblock the amount. The cost of the damage waiver (350EUR) is not refunded – the deposit (500EUR) is refundable on condition of no damages. You should advise the sales manager that you want to have a damage waiver in advance.

If you have any failures of important equipment during your charter on your request we will send you our technicians to make the repairs within 48 hours. The reparations are registered and the person responsible for the incurred damage covers the expenses. When it comes to the safety of customers Yacht Voyage reacts immediately.

Yacht Voyage provides some extra services payable at base. You may pay them in cash or by credit card. If you are the holder of sailing certificate with the allowance not less than 12 sea miles off shore you may rent a yacht without a skipper (after your nautical skills being checked). See the sailing experience form here. This is called a bareboat charter. If you don’t have a sailing license you will need to find a skipper.

From Montenegro you may go to Croatia or Albania but this will bring additional costs to your charter and will require preliminary arrangements because of the laws regulating incoming charters in these countries.

Final cleaning is an obligatory extra provided after the stay of the clients. It is definitely worth its cost as for sure you are not intended to spend the whole day cleaning and washing the interiors of the boat after your vacation?

You will also have a dinghy with an outboard engine as a payable obligatory extra (comes fueled), you will use it at anchorage where there is no other possibility to reach the shore.

After having all the charter details discussed you sign the charter agreement. Catamaran Lagoon rent is the basic service that Yacht Voyage provides to the customers (the company has its own fleet and own base in Marina Solila and has been working in the charter market of Montenegro for more than 6 years). In the contract all the rules, dates, terms and conditions are stipulated. We strongly recommend to look it through in advance. If necessary our sales team will focus on its important points and answer your questions.

The main clauses of the contract:

  • Rental cost and deposit amount.
  • Catamaran model.
  • Dates of your charter.
  • Embarkation/ disembarkation point. If it is not our base the terms and the delivery fee are agreed in advance (engine working hours and skipper service). You also have to communicate us in advance about the marina you have chosen for mooring.
  • Check in and check out time when you should arrive at our base/ take the catamaran back to the base of your start (Saturday 17:00 – check in and Saturday 9:00 – check out). This is crucial.
  • Catamaran equipment handling requirements.
  • Safety requirements for your sea voyage.

We need your and your mates’ documents scans to sing the paperwork at base.

There is also a rule concerning fuel and fecal tanks – you must deliver the catamaran to us with the fuel tanks full (or you pay the refueling at base) and fecal tanks empty.

Payment schedule: 50% upon the booking confirmation and the rest 50% a month prior to the charter start. We offer maximal early booking discounts – up to 31/12 of the year prior to the year of embarkation. We have a very client friendly discount policy and if possible always try to make the best offers especially to our repeaters.

Yach Voyage only charges the customers for a bareboat charter of Lagoon 380 in Montenegro and bear responsibility for the timely delivery of the catamaran in good operating condition ready for sailing as well as rendering obligatory services at base.

Using other associated services for example a skipper service and agreement about the rate, provisioning, night moorings are up to your choice. You pay them separately from the rental cost and directly to the service providers. We do not undertake responsibility for them.

We may support your search by sharing with you our trusted skipper list and giving some advice so that you could make a safe choice. We may consult you regarding the provisioning or shopping, airport transfer or accommodation in the local hotels – you get this information absolutely for free without any special request. Note that we do not mediate in your agreements with other companies or third persons.

The Russians do not need visa for visiting Montenegro. You may use the links below to have an idea of accommodation and flights.

Taking for granted the importance of the above mentioned information for your comfortable vacation we make you aware of the services we do not render, your comprehension is highly appreciated.

So what the sailing catamaran Lagoon380 is like?

Practically this is the 4 –room accommodation in a 5-star sea hotel! Its capability is 12 persons but we recommend to accommodate comfortably 8 persons. Each cabin has a double bed sized 2х2m, wardrobes and boxes for your belongings and cloths. All the 4 cabins are equipped with fans and opening illuminators – sea breeze is beneficial for everybody! The central cabin has a spacious kitchen with sofas and dining table. The kitchen is equipped with the gas stove and oven, fridges and wash basin. The yacht is also equipped with navigation devices and autopilot. You may operate the yacht both from the cock pit and the fly bridge. There are lounge zones with comfortable sun beds in the bow, in the back and above the cock pit. As Lagoon380 is the most democratic yacht in Yacht Voyage fleet it is the simplest one – it has 2 heads with manual pumps and rather simple showers. A water maker is not provided on L 380 that is why it has a water tank with the capacity of 300 l. Note that this is not portable water and you should purchase it by yourself. Each Lagoon has a dinghy with the outboard engine and snorkeling sets for the activity that everyone likes to practice (especially in the view that these sets are given for free).

The catamaran has due safety equipment aboard for all passengers and some additional sets (life raft, life rings, vests etc), also signal equipment for any emergency. The catamarans in Yacht Voyage fleet are certified by the British registry and are subjects to thorough technical safety checks. Special inspection is carried out within strictly determined periods.

So what is Montenegro and what the kind of leisure it may offer?

Montenegro is very famous for its beautiful places. Despite recently it has been a European ‘suburb’ nowadays it can be called a modern tourist paradise (especially for the Russians). The prices are rather low and friendly locals are especially skillful in cooking. Meat – ‘prshut’, negush cheese, Vranos vine and local quince vodka called ‘dunia’ are a must for tasting as well as octopuses, calamari, sea buss and other kind of seafood. It is worth tasting in Montenegro because of the amazing local prices!

The young may be interested in visiting night clubs, curious people fond of history and religion and nature lovers may be attracted by breath taking locations reachable only from the sea like for example a monastery built in the rock. If you are keen to know what it is called and where it is located your skipper will be of help. As we don’t limit your itinerary we just advice some route example, your skipper can draft your own tailor-made route. Local skippers know all the interesting places like palm of their hand: where you may purchase the best ham, cheese or other local foods, where you will enjoy the beauty of a natural park or rocky shore. They will recommend the best place for a BBQ of freshly caught fish, give the idea of prices range, shops and different kinds of entertainment. And we will advise average rates for moorings – usually they range between 120 and 170 EUR per night, and include your getting connected to the electricity source of the marina and your tanks refilled with water. The cost of transfer from the nearest airport to Marina Solila starts from 20 EUR for a standard car and 40 EUR for a micro bus.

Here is a week route example: from marina Solila you go to Porto Montenegro (Montenegro ‘yachting capital’), then to Boka Bay and visit Kotor (a very nice ancient town). Then you go to Gerceg-Novi and Budva along the cost of Montenegro you enjoy contemplating historical places. Getting back you may sail through Bigovo and Ribarsko village (this is a fishermen’s village where you may taste fresh and delicious seafood).

Our base is located in Tivat (Marina Solila). This port entirely belongs to the company Yacht Voyage and we keep on developing it: there is an excellent beach (it is said that this beach is the best in Montenegro), restaurant and club Movida, parking, and also the home port for our huge sailing catamaran Tahiti for up to 96 people that makes day and half-day charters along the Montenegrin coast. Please see below the map of the infrastructure around our base with restaurants, shops, hotels, parkings and other touristic points marked.

Now it is time to consider the expenses. What budget you need for the sea voyage in Montenegro.

Let’s take an average rate for Lagoon 380 that is 3400 EUR per week, the rates range from 2100 EUR to 4500 EUR in the high season.

The obligatory extras will be 370 EUR.

For the fueling you will need maximum 200 EUR per week.

Skipper’s rate is 980 EUR per week.

Extras (at your choice) - 50 EUR.

Provision will be 200 EUR (not only for your cooking but also including restaurants).

Divided for the company of 8 PAX the amount is 650 EUR (per person).

The flight will cost around 180 EUR.

And the total is 830 EUR per person.

The grand total per yacht is 6640 EUR (without a refundable deposit).

Let’s compare it with a hotel stay: a double room in a decent 4-star hotel is approximately 500 EUR per week. Your meals will be a bit more expensive- for a lunch you need to spend around 20 EUR, if you add a breakfast and a dinner the total per day per 2 persons will be 60 EUR that is 400 EUR per week. Adding at least one excursion, beach rates and some associated expenses we get minimum 300 EUR. The total per one person will be 600 EUR. With a flight of 180 EUR, it will be 780 EUR per person or 6240 EUR per the company of 8.

Well, it is a bit cheaper but what about the level of comfort, the opportunity to see new places every day of your stay, the emotions and the benefit for your health – you will never experience this unless you try. And your amazing photos at the yacht as a bonus to share with your friends).

Brief review of a yacht rent – the usual term is a week from Saturday to Saturday, you rent the whole yacht, not only your cabin. On the day of check in you should arrive at our base by 17:00, on the day of check out you should be ready to go up to 9:00 leaving our boat fueled and with empty fecal tanks. You must empty them the day before off the sanitary area close to the shore. If during the check out procedure there are some breaches detected you will have to cover the repair works and spares from your security deposit (the difference will be refunded). You may use the deposit insurance service (damage waiver) that in some cases is highly recommended. Your sea routes depend on your preferences. Yacht Voyage offers you a bareboat charter and charges you only the rental cost of the boat.

Our advise for those who is fed up with (or afraid of) Turkey and Egypt – sailing at sea is your best choice! Lagoon380 in Montenegro will bring unforgettable atmosphere to the honeymoon or romantic holiday together. By the way we even hosted a TV program about wedding solutions at our base in marina Solila. Companies of friends will spend an amazing week as well. We also offer the best holiday for families with children because catamaran is the most comfortable yacht type for family leisure at sea!

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