Lagoon450 rent in Montenegro. 2018 rates

Below you may find a calculation of your rental budget including all the associated 'hidden' expenses and its comparison to the vacation in a hotel budget. Please refer also to the list of rates for Lagoon450 in Montenegro with the obligatory and optional extras. Mind that rates depend on season and the year of manufacture of a yacht. Our yacht base is located in Marina Solila, Montenegro, Tivat (this is a private base of the company Yacht Voyage). From there you may go to Albania, Croatia and Italy. Sailing catamaran Lagoon450 is the best choice if you love comfort but don't want to overpay. It has 4 big double cabins and capacity up to 12 persons. If you are a holder of a sailing certificate you may rent this yacht without a skipper. Contact us: +7 495 721 4979

Period Rates
21/10/17-21/04/18 € 3300
21/04/18-02/06/18 € 3800
02/06/18-09/06/18 € 5500
09/06/18-16/06/18 € 6700
16/06/18-23/06/18 € 7500
23/06/18-14/07/18 € 7700
14/08/18-28/07/18 € 8200
28/07/18-11/08/18 € 8900
Period Rates
11/08/18-18/08/18 € 9100
18/08/18-25/08/18 € 8700
25/08/18-01/09/18 € 7000
01/09/18-08/09/18 € 6700
08/09/18-22/09/18 € 5300
22/09/18-20/10/18 € 3300
Mandatory extras:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen and towels, gas) 170 €/charter
Outboard engine 100 €/week
Transit log 140 €/charter
Refundable deposit 4000 €
Optional extras:
Kayak 130 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (with the refundable deposit of 500 EUR)
WIFI 50 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/piece
Permission for Croatia 300 €/boat + 50 €/day of your sailing there (to be communicated to the base in advance)
Period Rates
21/10/17-21/04/18 € 3500
21/04/18-02/06/18 € 4000
02/06/18-09/06/18 € 5800
09/06/18-16/06/18 € 7000
16/06/18-23/06/18 € 7700
23/06/18-14/07/18 € 7900
14/08/18-28/07/18 € 8400
28/07/18-11/08/18 € 9100
Period Rates
11/08/18-18/08/18 € 9300
18/08/18-25/08/18 € 8900
25/08/18-01/09/18 € 7200
01/09/18-08/09/18 € 7000
08/09/18-22/09/18 € 5500
22/09/18-20/10/18 € 3500
Mandatory extras:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen and towels, gas) 170 €/charter
Outboard engine 100 €/week
Transit log 140 €/charter
Refundable deposit 4000 €
Optional extras:
Kayak 130 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (with the refundable deposit of 500 EUR)
WIFI 50 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/piece
Permission for Croatia 300 €/boat + 50 €/day of your sailing there (to be communicated to the base in advance)

Sea leisure is fantastic relaxing but in spite of this technical equipment of a yacht sometimes gets broken. In case you have any damages within the term of your charter the deposit will cover the repair works and spares. The difference (if there is any) will be refunded. But in most cases charters go smooth without any breaches or accidents. The whole deposit amount is refunded to you after the end of your cruise. You leave the security deposit at our base in Marina Solila , Tivat right after your checking thoroughly the yacht at check in and making sure that it had all the necessary equipment declared in the check list (that we provide). If you hired a skipper we strongly recommend to make him take part in inspecting the boat at check in/out. In Montenegro you may leave the deposit in cash, by wire transfer (in advance) or by means of your credit card. The refund will be done accordingly. Please mind that in case of card your bank may need a week or more to unblock the amount. We always offer to limit your liability by having your security deposit insured. The cost of the insurance you pay (400EUR for Lagoon450) will reduce the deposit to 700EUR. And your liability will be limited by this amount - 700EUR (instead of full deposit of 4000EUR) – this small deposit is also refundable in case you do not have any breaches. The cost of the insurance (400EUR) is not refunded. Please advise your sales manager that you wish to have a damage waiver in advance.

If you have any failures of important equipment during your charter on your request we will send you our technicians to make the repairs within 48 hours. The reparations are registered and the person responsible for the incurred damage covers the expenses. It may be paid from your deposit, the funds of Yacht Voyage or by skipper's insurance company.

That is why we recommend you to check if the skipper you would like to hire has a personal insurance, it will save you nerves and money. If the skipper is to blame for the failure of the equipment he will be the one to cover it from his insurance amount.

The main service provided by Yacht Voyage under the contract is the yacht Lagoon450 rent in Montenegro, Tivat. You are free to take a bareboat charter or crewed. Yacht Voyage will gladly let you sail by yourself if your certificate stipulates the allowance not less than 12 sea miles off shore. Your sailing skills will be checked at base as well. In advance we require your filling in the sailing experience form, see here it must be filled in and forwarded to your sales manager. At our base in Montenegro we offer some optional and obligatory services. The mandatory extras are those inevitable things and services like bed linen, an outboard engine for the dinghy, gas for the cooker, final cleaning (for sure nobody is willing to clean the yacht after the vacation).

From our base in Montenegro you may sail to Croatia and Albania for additional fee and with prior notice of the base manager (to let us make the necessary arrangements for your entering these countries).

The contract is an official agreement between the customer and the company Yacht Voyage where all the points are clarified. We strongly recommend to look it through in advance, please see the link below. Of course if necessary our sales team will focus on its important points and answer your questions.

The main clauses of the contract:

  • Yacht type.
  • Rental cost and deposit amount.
  • Term of your charter. Normally starts from one week (from Saturday to Saturday)
  • Embarkation/ disembarkation point. If you feel more comfortable to embark in a port other than our base in Marina Solila, Tivat it is possible and should be agreed in advance and paid additionally. There should be moorings that you need to check too. Please mind some associated expenses for the delivery of the catamaran to the out-of-base port and moorings there – the availability of mooring must be checked too.
  • Check-in/check-out time is a crucial point as we need time to prepare the yacht for the next charter. You need to arrive to our base on Saturday by 17:00 to check the technical conditions of the yacht and sign the protocol, and in the end of your charter (Saturday 9:00) you have to be ready to leave.
  • Your and your mates’ documents scans. Especially if you plan to visit neighboring countries.
  • There is also a rule concerning fuel and fecal tanks. You get your Lagoon 450 with the fuel tanks full and fecal tanks empty. You must return the catamaran in the same condition - fuel tanks full and fecal tanks empty. Refueling is possible in almost any marina, the fecal tanks can only be emptied off sanitary area (a skipper must know where). You will pay a fee unless these conditions are fulfilled.
  • Mind that we do not allow any pets aboard.

The payment schedule for Lagoon450: 50% upon the booking confirmation and the rest 50% a month prior to the charter start.

Available discounts: if you book and make the down payment up to the end of the year prior to the year of the charter we make you a discount. As well you may ask for a special offer from your manager and we are glad to meet our customers half-way especially our repeaters.

Yach Voyage only charges the customers for a bareboat charter of Lagoon 450 in Montenegro and bear responsibility for the timely delivery of the catamaran in good operating condition ready for sailing as well as rendering obligatory services at base.

Yacht Voyage is a charter company and an owner of sailing catamarans fleet that is why we do NOT provide catering, visa/travel arrangements or transfers. We also draw your attention that we do NOT provide skippers or other crew like chefs or hostesses and do not include their services in the rental price. Either we do NOT make reservations of moorings in marinas on your route.

Anyway we will share with you our data base of trusted skippers-free-lancers and other crew as well as companies providing some other services. We will gladly advice you reasonable rates to save your money. All the arrangements you do directly with the companies or free-lancers you choose. Yacht Voyage does not bear any responsibility for the quality of services provided by third persons/companies.

Russians do not need visa for Montenegro. For flights and hotels you may use the links below.

Taking for granted the importance of the above mentioned information for your comfortable vacation we make you aware of the services we do not render, your comprehension is highly appreciated.

So what the sailing catamaran Lagoon450 is like?

Sailing catamaran Lagoon450 is a real 'sea home' or 'sea resort'. If you take it once you will choose it again next time. So why is it so attractive? Because of the ideal balance of its price and comfort, this yacht is worth its money and what you get is more than you pay for. Its length is almost 14 meters, width is almost 8 meters. This is more than 100-square meters of comfortable space! If you think that a monohull offers the same level of comfort you are mistaken. Lagoon 450 accommodates easily 12 persons in 4 big cabins. Each cabin has air conditioning system, a king-size bed, closets and some spare space. There is a head with shower for each of four cabins. The toilets are electric, view the detail here. In the central saloon the big kitchen share the space with dining room – there are sofas, convertible dinette, gas cooker with oven, microwave, washing basin, 2 refrigerators, TV with DVD, audio system, air conditioner, 4 regimes of light, internal control panel and auxiliary spaces. Besides the water tanks with the capacity of 350 liters there is a water maker. This is not potable water, you may use it for washing. On the deck there is a net between the forepeaks where you may lie on comfortable mats sunbathing. There is also a relaxing sofa. Above the saloon you may find another space for sunbathing . The most comfortable place for having rest is in the back side of the deck right after the saloon with a big table, comfortable sofas and a fridge. You may put on a transparent «screen» to protect yourself from wind. In the back sides of the both hulls there are special swimming platforms with deck showers. They are designed for your safe access to the sea and equipped with steps and ladders . If you travel with your kids under 5 years old we may offer you to have a safety net to prevent the risk of falling. The catamaran Lagoon450 is fully equipped with rescue means and safety equipment as per the strict requirements of the British registry and is subject to thorough technical safety checks by external auditors and our own technicians. For your safety in addition to the dinghy there is a life raft for 12 persons, life vests and life rings, medical kit. Not to mention a gas detector. The yacht is easily operated by one person, there is all the necessary equipment and autopilot. We offer wi-fi aboard for additional fee. The yacht has an electricity source of 220V due to the generator.

What you 'must-see' in Montenegro and the features of your vacation there?

Tivat offers you exceptionally turquoise sea. The locals prefer to spend their vacation in Tivat surrounded by beautiful nature and far from noisy resorts — enjoying its low prices and serenity. Here in Marina Solila our yacht base is located too.

Where should you go sightseeing? It is said that if you haven't been to the Boka Bay you saw nothing in Montenegro! The largest Mediterranean fiord cuts into the land for 28 km creating a cozy home for in-shore towns and villages that attract tourists' eye with its picturesque promenades and houses in the medieval style. The beautiful Lovcen mountain rises over the bay. The town of Kotor has numerous historical places of interest like the Roman and Gothic castles – St. Tripun's Cathedral, St. Luca, St. Anna, St.Maria, St. Michael, St. Nikolas and the Blessed Virgin Churches with their fort walls as well as protected towers, old villas, palaces Drago, Bizanti, Pima, Grubonia, Gergurina with their ancient interiors. In wild peach gardens 17 km away from Podgorica there is a convent Celia Piperska. In its center there is a temple Nativity of the Blessed Virgin attracting pilgrims: here the relics of the founder of this convent Stefan Piperski lie. The Tivat city park «Gradsky park» is your must-visit place when in Tivat. At first sight it is not so remarkable but it is located close to the Przno beach and it gives you freshness of cool breeze and threes' shadow during hot summer days. In Budva you need to visit archaeological museum and citadel - one of the key places that is the 'face' of this resort. One of the remarkable places is Ostrog a monastery in a rock.

Meals in Montenegro. Usually you are offered sea food near the sea and meat in the mountains. In Montenegro you save your money when it comes to breakfast, lunch or dinner. Food is in the sea, in the woods and hangs above your head just within the reach of your hand. Almost all the Montenegrin festivals are dedicated to food and beverages like for example Masliniada in Old Bar. Autumn in Montenegro not only let you enjoy low prices and spare beaches but also let you taste sweetest pomegranates, tangerines, oranges not to mention that the rental rates for our catamaran are lower in this season.

Let’s summarize – the rent of a catamaran Lagoon 450 lasts from Saturday to Saturday, you rent the whole boat, not only your cabin. On the day of check in you should arrive at our base in Marina Solila in Tivat by 17:00, on the last day you have to check out up to 9:00 and return the boat with full fuel tanks and empty fecal tanks that must be emptied off the sanitary area. If during the check out procedure there are some breaches detected you will have to cover the repair works and spares from your security deposit (the difference will be refunded). You may limit your liability to a smaller amount by taking damage waiver. You are free to choose your routes. Yacht Voyage only charges you the rental cost and bear responsibility only for the yacht.

And now let's calculate the total budget. How much you will need to have a sea vacation in Montenegro.

An average rate for the rent of Lagoon450 in Montenegro is 6500 EUR, prices may vary from 3300 EUR in low season to 9300 EUR in high season – for the newest model.

Adding mandatory extras for 410 EUR.

Fuel – up to 200 EUR per week.

Skipper service - 980 EUR per week.

Some additional extra - 50 EUR.

Provisioning 200 EUR per person

Divided into 10 persons it will be around 1000 EUR per person

The flight will cost 180 EUR.

And the approximate total will be 1200 EUR per person.

And the final budget of the yacht rent (deposit not included) is 12000EUR.

Let's compare it to an ordinary hotel stay: a double room in a decent 5-star hotel for a week will cost approximately 600 EUR. Your meals - for each lunch you need to spend around 20 EUR, and if you add lunch and dinner you will get 60 EUR per day per 2 persons, that in total will result in 400 EUR just for food. Adding at least one excursion, beach costs and the like will be minimum 300 EUR. An average cost per one person will be thus 650 EUR. The flight is 180 EUR and here you go with 830 EUR per person or 8300 EUR per 10 persons. Yes, this is a bit cheaper but having in mind the comfort level that you get, many interesting places accessible only by sea that you may visit, the experience you will have and the benefit for your health you should mind that everything has its value. We do not know anybody who regrets that they made a choice in favor of sea leisure – everybody was happy! Many people who tried this type of vacation with us for the first time became our repeater clients and gain discounts and participate in regattas.

For those who is fed up with Turkey and Egypt and have some spare money we recommend our Lagoon450 in Montenegro. If you want to spend a nice, comfortable and peaceful vacation together with your family you may experience real VIP class leisure. Lagoon450 is called 'sea resort' . By the way we hosted a TV program dedicated to high class wedding events at our base Marina Solila. A more budget-friendly variant is Lagoon380 in Montenegro (it is just a bit less comfortable) view here.

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