Rent of a yacht Lagoon450 in Italy Sea vacation rates 2018

Here we go with the rates and rental terms for Lagoon 450 in Italy. We have gathered all the expenses that are usually mentioned ‘afterwards’. The complete budget of your sea vacation is compared to a regular hotel accommodation. Mandatory services and extras, deposits. Mind that rates depend on season and the year of manufacture of a yacht. In Italy you will need Schengen visa. Yacht base in Sardinia, Marina di Olbia. Sailing catamaran Lagoon450 is the most comfortable yacht and worth its money 100%, it has 4 big double cabins and capacity up to 12 persons. Italian resorts of Sardinia are well known for any magnate but they are affordable to ordinary tourists (those on a yacht). It may be a crewed charter. If you are a holder of the sailing certificate you may take bareboat charter. Sales office is available on the phone +7 495 721 4979

Period Rates
21/10/17-21/04/18 € 4000
21/04/18-02/06/18 € 4800
02/06/18-09/06/18 € 6500
09/06/18-23/06/18 € 7900
23/06/18-14/07/18 € 8600
14/07/18-28/07/18 € 9200
28/07/18-04/08/18 € 11400
04/08/18-11/08/18 € 11900
Period Rates
11/08/18-18/08/18 € 12100
18/08/18-25/08/18 € 9500
25/08/18-01/09/18 € 8600
01/09/18-08/09/18 € 8000
08/09/18-15/09/18 € 6500
15/09/18-22/09/18 € 6000
22/09/18-13/10/18 € 5500
13/10/18-20/10/18 € 4000
Mandatory extras:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen and towels, gas) 270 €/charter
Outboard engine 100 €/week
Refundable deposit 4000 €
Optional extras:
Kayak 150 €/week
Puddle surf 150 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (with the refundable deposit of 500 EUR)
WIFI 100 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/piece
Period Rates
21/10/17-21/04/18 € 4100
21/04/18-02/06/18 € 4900
02/06/18-09/06/18 € 6600
09/06/18-23/06/18 € 8300
23/06/18-14/07/18 € 8900
14/07/18-28/07/18 € 9600
28/07/18-04/08/18 € 11600
04/08/18-11/08/18 € 12100
Period Rates
11/08/18-18/08/18 € 12400
18/08/18-25/08/18 € 9700
25/08/18-01/09/18 € 9000
01/09/18-08/09/18 € 8300
08/09/18-15/09/18 € 6700
15/09/18-22/09/18 € 6100
22/09/18-13/10/18 € 5600
13/10/18-20/10/18 € 4100
Mandatory extras:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen and towels, gas) 270 €/charter
Outboard engine 100 €/week
Refundable deposit 4000 €
Optional extras:
Kayak 150 €/week
Puddle surf 150 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (with the refundable deposit of 500 EUR)
WIFI 100 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/piece

The most demanding part of your Italian sea vacation is the security deposit. It cannot be avoided or reduced. In Italy it cannot be insured either. The only possible means of leaving the security deposit is a bank transfer that has to be made in advance +/- 7 days prior to the charter start. The sea doesn’t allow carelessness and Yacht Voyage cannot avoid taking precautions by holding security deposits. This amount is aimed at covering the repairs in case the damage occurred by customer’s fault. The difference between the repair cost and the deposit amount will be refunded. If the catamaran comes fine without any damages the customer gets full refund of the deposit. Please mind that it will take some while to send the money back to your account.

If you have any failures of important equipment during your charter we undertake to sort this out within 48 hours. On your request the base manager in Olbia will send you our technicians to make the repairs. In such cases we make a technical statement with the indication of a person in charge for the breach – he will be the one to cover the repair works. To feel safer you should hire a skipper with personal insurance and in case of his failure he will bear responsibility.

Mainly Yacht Voyage offers the rent of a yachtLagoon450 in Sardinia, Italy. You may have skippered or bareboat charter If you are the holder of sailing certificate with the allowance not less than 12 sea miles off shore Yacht Voyage. Your nautical skills will be checked. View the sailing experience form you will need to fill in it must be sent to us in advance. Yacht Voyage provides some optional and obligatory at base (noted above) and they are payable on spot. We accept cash. The mandatory extras are those inevitable things and services like bed linen, an outboard engine for the dinghy, gas for the cooker, final cleaning (for sure nobody is willing to clean the yacht after the vacation).

All these aspects are stipulated in the contract officially regulating the relation between the customer and the fleet owner. We strongly recommend looking it through in advance. If necessary our sales team will focus on its important points and answer your questions.

The main clauses of the contract:

  • Catamaran model.
  • Rental cost and deposit amount.
  • Dates of your charter. Usually starting from a week with start and finish o Saturdays.
  • Embarkation/ disembarkation point. If it is not our base in Marina di Olbia (that is also possible) the terms and the delivery fee are agreed in advance, this is an extra service. Your mooring in other marina is an extra too.
  • Check in and check out time – the appointment you must follow as we need to reserve time for preparing the boat for the next charter. You should arrive at our base by 17:00 on Saturday for the check in procedure, next Saturday by 9:00 you need to make check out.
  • Your providing your and your mates’ document scans.
  • There is also a rule concerning fuel and fecal tanks. You get the catamaran Lagoon450 fully fueled and with empty fecal tanks. You must then deliver it in the same conditions with the fuel tanks full and fecal tanks empty. Refueling is possible almost in any marina, the fecal tanks must be emptied off the sanitary zone (your skipper must keep it in mind but you may give him a reminder). We charge the customers for the non-compliance of this requirement.

Mind that we do not allow any pets aboard.

Payment schedule for the charter of Lagoon 450 in Italy: 50% upon the booking confirmation and the rest 50% a month prior to the charter start.

Discounts: We offer maximal early booking discounts up to 31/12 of the year prior to the year of embarkation. We have a very client friendly discount policy and if possible always try to make the best offers especially for long-term bookings.

Let’s make it clear, Yacht Voyage is a charter company and an owner of sailing catamarans fleet (Lagoon450 among the others), that is why we do NOT provide catering, visa/travel arrangements or transfers. We also draw your attention that we do NOT provide skippers or other crew like chefs or hostesses, do NOT make reservations of moorings in marinas on your route. As stipulated in the contract you pay just the rate of bareboat charter at Lagoon 450 in Italy and Yacht Voyage undertakes responsibility to deliver the yacht in ready-to-sail conditions timely to the appointed port of start. The guarantees provision of the vessel fully prepared for the charter and the obligatory and optional extras from our list.

Nevertheless we may share with you the contacts of trusted skippers-freelancers and other crew as well as various service providers in Sardinia.

If you need to order some associated services we will gladly advise you reasonable rates in the region so that you could make a smart choice and save your money. All the arrangements you do directly with the companies you choose. Yacht Voyage does not bear any responsibility for the quality of services provided by third persons/companies.

If you need visa for visiting Italy you also make all arrangements by yourself. For flight and hotels you may use the links below.

Taking for granted the importance of the above mentioned information for your comfortable vacation we make you aware of the services we do not render, your comprehension is highly appreciated.

Technical equipment and capacity of the catamaran Lagoon 450.

This is the most popular yacht model among tourists. The reason for its demand is that it offers superior level of comfort that is crucial during your sea vacation. Lagoon450 is perfectly equipped. Its length is almost 14 meters, width is almost 8 meters. This is more than 100-square meters comfortable space easily accommodating 12 persons. 4 double cabins with closets and king-size like-at-home beds are equipped with air conditioning system. 4 heads have separated showers. The toilets are electric. If you smile reading this please get to know some important facts here. In the central saloon the big kitchen share the space with dining room. There are sofas and a convertible table, air conditioning, gas cooker with oven, microwave, washing basin, refrigerators, TV with DVD, audio system, 4 regimes of light, internal control panel and auxiliary spaces. Besides the water tanks with the capacity of 350 liters there is a water maker. You should purchase bottled portable water. On the deck there is a net between the forepeaks where you may lie on comfortable mats sunbathing. There is also a relaxing sofa. Above the saloon you may find another space for sunbathing . The most comfortable place for having rest is «veranda» in the back side of the deck right after the saloon with a big table, comfortable sofas and a fridge. You may put on a transparent «screen» to protect yourself from wind. Each hull of the catamaran has wooden swimming platforms designed for safe access to the sea and equipped with steps. The banisters are commonly used as a spring-board for diving. Some guests even jump from the upper part of the saloon what we do not recommend. There also 2 deck showers. If you travel with your kids under 5 years old we may offer you to have a safety net to prevent the risk of falling. The catamaran Lagoon450 is fully equipped with rescue means and safety equipment as per the strict requirements of the British registry and is subject to thorough technical safety checks by external auditors and our own technicians. For your safety in addition to the dinghy there is a life raft for 12 persons, life vests and life rings, medical kit. Not to mention gas detector. The yacht is easily operated by one person, there is all the necessary equipment and autopilot. We offer wi-fi aboard for additional fee. The yacht has an electricity source of 220V due to the generator.

You will visit Italian Sardinia and French Corsica!

Where to go sightseeing. Olbia has the Medieval basilica San-Simplicio and various cafes on the Matteotti square, do not miss also the Archaeological museum of Olbia representing historical objects starting from Roman military vessels. The town of Olbia is well-known by the best restaurants and bars in Sardinia. Cagliary is the capital of the Island of Sardinia. One of the famous places of interest of the town is the Castello quarter within the medieval walls. In the former armoury there is a National archaeological museum. Porto Cervo is a luxurious resort with 2 times higher rates compared to the other Sardinian towns. In San Teodoro you will find splendid beaches, watch flamingos, practice kite serfing and enjoy the night life.

Corsican divine sandy beaches are for those who like to lie at the sun. For mounting explorers it will offer various mountain routes: Corsica is most mountainous island of the Mediterranean. And the tourist inspired by historical events will find lot of 'treasures' there dated by prehistoric civilization!

Bonifacio is the town on the white rock. Ayaccio is the biggest and most dynamic town of Corsica. Places of interest: the fortress of the 15th century and the church of the 16th century. And of course the museum of Napoleon . The Bonifacio Strait that divides Sardinia from Corsica always offers good winds and add a bit of adrenaline to racing lovers.

A must for your dining out. The Sardinian cuisine is called «the island of thousand tastes». We recommend you to taste Sardinian boar 'cacciatore' or «а carracsu» that means 'braised under ground'. Bottarga is a Sardinian dish made of mullet or tuna caviar carefully taken from the fish and dried at the sun with salt – it is a great appetizer. Pecorino sardo is known as a king of Sardinian cheeses and the symbol of the island itself. In the end of May in the place Carloforte on the Island of San-Pietro Tuna round dance fest is held – it is an international gastronomic fair focused on sea products and tuna of the highest quality. The Corsican cuisine is likely to become your favorite. It is inspired by the Mediterranean sea with a light Italian spirit and its special feature – chestnuts and «makki» -a mix of herbs grown only in the Corsican mountains. You may buy the best homemade cheeses and sausages at the market. Figatelli sausages are made from pork meat with a bit of liver and many other kinds od sausages and meat pastes are made from black boar meat.

Let’s summarize. Your charter at Lagoon450 in Italy (Sardinia) may last a week – from Saturday to Saturday – or multiple weeks, you rent the whole boat, not only your cabin. The rates for this destination are quite high. On the day of check in you should arrive at our base in Olbia by 17:00 and sign the check in protocol, on the last day you have to check out up to 9 a.m. the fuel must be refilled, the fecal tanks - emptied. If during the check out procedure there are some breaches detected you will have to cover the repair works and spares from your security deposit (the difference will be refunded). . You may only leave the security deposit by means of wire transfer to our bank account. You may hire a skipper or be a skipper yourself provided you have naval license. Your sea routes are drafted by yourself, you pay your moorings, night stays in marinas etc. if you prefer to anchor you save your money. And getting to the beach with the dinghy is easy and brings lots of fun.

And now the full budget of your sea leisure at Lagoon450 and associated expenses. Let's compare you sea vacation and a hotel accommodation.

Let’s take an average rental price of 8000 EUR as the rates vary significantly within the season (from 4000 in low season to 12400 EUR in high season – for the newest model).

Adding mandatory extras for 370 EUR.

Fuel – up to 200 EUR per week.

Skipper service - 1400 EUR per week.

Some additional extra - 100 EUR.

Provisioning 300 EUR per person.

Divided into 10 persons it will be around 1300 EUR per person.

The flight and visa will cost 250 EUR.

The grand total is around 1600 EUR per person.

And the final budget of the yacht Lagoon450 rent in Italy (deposit not included) is 16000EUR. Trully not so cheap.... you should mind 4000 EUR to be left as a security deposit – this amount is refundable. TOTAL is 20000 EUR.

Let’s compare it with a hotel stay: a double room in a decent 5-star hotel for a week will cost minimum 1000 EUR (even if it is not in Porto Cervo). Your meals - for each lunch you need to spend around 50 EUR, if you add breakfast and dinner the total per day for 2 persons will be minimum 150 EUR that results in 1000EUR in total. Adding at least one excursion, sightseeing around the island (not islands), beach rates and some associated expenses we get minimum 350-400 EUR. The total per one person will be thus - 1200 EUR. The flight and visa will add 250 EUR, and here you are with almost the same result of 1450 EUR per person. Of course in this calculation we took average and approximate rates. You should mind that comfort has its value and trying to save some money you will not reach many interesting places accessible only by sea. Easily accessible and well-known touristic places are usually overcrowded so that your level of comfort and the state of beaches will leave much to be desired. And what about the purest sea in a peaceful secure lagoon hidden from the crowds of tourists? What would you say about your meals that you choose and prepare from the freshest and most delicious local food or taste in tiny local cafes where you hardly meet any tourists? You are free to visit the most interesting localities not only in Sardinia but in French Corsica as well. Just compare with going there without a yacht and you will get 3 time higher expenses!

We recommend Lagoon 450 as an ideal yacht for a comfortable sea vacation in Italy with high level of comfort and freedom for 2 families (parents + kid). Another splendid variant is to gather your friends or business partners, if all of you are top managers))) but this island is worth its value. If you wish to experience tycoons' way of spending vacation and not to blow up your money – the yacht rent in Italy is your choice. If you prefer something more budget-friendly you should consider Lagoon 400 rent, please see the rates here.

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