Yachting - What shouldn`t be done on the yacht

What categorically you shouldn't do, being onboard the yacht?

Today sea charter tourism gains the increasing popularity in Russia. Most of our compatriots, until recently never putting out to sea onboard of the sailing yacht or catamaran, already now become inveterate "a lover of the sea". And this is not surprising: after all yachting – is madly interesting and besides is available. Many beginners before the first exit into the sea have a set of questions, and one of the most popular is: What categorically you shouldn't do, being onboard the yacht?

In this article we would like to make some simple recommendations on this subject.
1. It isn't necessary to use a latrine (toilet) standing. Here everything is clear. Insistently is not recommended to throw into latrine foreign objects, since problems with the hammered sewerage will hardly decorate your rest.
2. The deck is not the best place to hang out things for drying. They can be banal washed away by wave or carried away by wind.
3. Being on the deck, you shouldn't jump on it, after all there can be people and hardly would they favor it. Besides, you risk to be traumatized therefore it is better to do without the excessive activities.
4. It is impossible to go on the deck barefoot, the special yacht footwear for this purpose is provided.
5. Feature of stay in the sea such is that the vessel, on which you have a rest, can be subject to rolling. For this reason on the yacht it is strictly forbidden to leave open lockers, all is necessary to strengthen carefully. Being en route, to use pricking, cutting, heat and other dangerous subjects, it is necessary to use with limit care..
6. Onboard the yacht you shouldn`t forget that you are in the sea, and reserves of fresh drinking water are limited. Therefore you shouldn't spend water on its inappropriate appointment. It is unlikely that this will be positively appreciated by the crew.
7. If it seemed to you that onboard there is something strange or you are threatened by danger, in which case don't panic and keep sober assessment of the situation. Address to the skipper and quietly explain the reason of your concern.
8. If any subject or the person appeared behind a board, going in full operation of the vessels you mustn't jump into water afterwards. Before a charter you will be in detail instructed how it is correct to act in this situation.
9. If you are the inveterate joker and the merry fellow it is better to protect yourself from such object as a portable radio set. Usually overindulgence with it costs much enough, for example, for false concern of a coast guard the solid fine is guaranteed to you.
10. Don't cover the review to the skipper and don't distract it when he makes difficult maneuver. As well as in any other type of transport it can lead to accident.
11. Emission of garbage overboard threatens you with a severe penalty therefore it is better to wait for the parking in a marine.
Now, knowing highlights which are forbidden to be done onboard the yacht, you can safely move towards surprising sea adventures. Successful rest and fair wind!


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