Agreement for the processing of personal data


Agreement for the processing of personal data

Joining the present Agreement and leaving the data at the web site, (hereinafter the Web), by means of filling in the form (registration) the User:

• confirms that all the indicated data are his personal data;

• confirms and states that he has fully and thoroughly read the Agreement and the conditions of the processing of his personal data indicated in the form (registration), he understands the articles of the agreement and the conditions of the processing;

• gives his consent to the processing of the provided personal data by the Web for concluding the present agreement between the Web and the User as well as its forthcoming execution;

• gives his consent to forwarding his personal data to sponsors/partners of the organizer;

• gives his consent to the receipt of newsletters from the Web including advertisements of the Web's articles and its partners' advertisements;

• gives his consent to the conditions of the processing of personal data.


Operational headquarters:

Jipfa Building, 3rd floor, 142 Main Street,
Road Town, Tortola, British Virgin Islands

The User gives his consent to the processing of his personal data that are operations stipulated in Point 3 Part 1 of Art. 3 of the federal law dated 27.07.2006 N 152-ФЗ "On personal data" and confirms that by giving his consent he acts voluntarily by his will and in his interest.

The User's consent for the processing of personal data is specific, knowledgeable and conscious.

The present Agreement of the User is considered applicable for the following data processing:

- family name, first name, father's name;

- year of birth;

- residence (city, region);

- phone numbers; electronic addresses (E-mail).

The User gives the right for the following operations with his personal data: collection and accumulation; storage within the terms stipulated in the documents of reference but not less than for 3 years from the date of termination of the use of the services by the User; update (or change), retrieval, use, depersonalization, forwarding (under the legal requirement) including that to the third persons provided the due measures are taken for the security of the personal data.

The above mentioned consent is endless valid from the date of the data provision and may be recalled by means of the User's application to the Web administration with the description of the data to be recalled according to Art. 14 of the Law «On personal data».

The User may recall his consent to the processing of personal data by means of a written request forwarded to the electronic address (E-mail)

The Web does not bear any responsibility if the information placed by the User at the Web is used by third persons (legally or illicitly) including its copying and sharing by all possible means.

The Web has a right to change the present Agreement. The latest update is to be indicated in the recent revision. A new revision of the Agreement becomes valid from the moment of its publishing if the other is not stipulated in the new revision of the Agreement.

The present revision of the Agreement is available at the Web The present Agreement and the relation between the User and the Web arising as consequence of this Agreement are subjects to the legislation of the Russian Federation.


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