History of the company and photo reviews


In this section we collected interesting photos and video materials about our campaigns, commented them as we could, after observing we want you to join the boundless and most beautiful world of voyages on yachts and catamarans together with us..

Publications about us are in the press...

The creation of YachtVoyage Company was inspired by passion for sea, yachting and catamarans especially and took place in 2009.
We saw enormous potential for catamarans charter market niche due to the unique and competitive characteristics of this type of boats. Catamarans are great for families and big companies, who choose not to be land locked during their vacation. Catamarans are very capacious inside and entertaining with their wide open spaces. The shallow draft also makes for much closer beach access. These consumer properties of catamarans along with their safety factors, stability, motoring performance and maneuverability defined our final choice for our charter fleet.
Our expertise and extensive experience prove that LAGOON range of catamarans suites the best the needs of our clients and us. We developed long-term and fruitful cooperation with this world renown shipyard.
From the very inception of our company we set a primary goal for exquisite quality of service to our clients and the whole YACHTVOYAGE team and every it's member is ultimately and constantly devoted to this goal.
Nowadays YACHTVOYAGE is a dynamic client-oriented team of professionals fully devoted to set and comply the highest standards of chartering industry.

Video Yacht Voyage anniversary 5 years!

Catamaran Tahiti one day charter - video

Tahiti sunday party at Boka Bay ,wich starts from 4 pm in Kotor,from Tivat in 17.30 pm and we cruise to the island Mamula for stops for swimming and the party ends at 10 pm.We have a very good DJ which gig is cheaper than others,he makes a very good atmosphere,so we decided for now to keep him for sunday and he will be also present for saturday in Budva.Our plan for Budva is to pick people from Marina Budva at 2 pm to cruise by island Hawaii to the island St Stefan with stops for swiming.

The second annual YachtVoyage Catamaran Cup 2014 regatta in Adriatic Sea on sailing Lagoon 380 catamarans. We represent the big photoreport

Part 1 - People of the regatta.

Part 2 - Yachts, race... ...

Part 3 - And around there is the nature...

Video from transition France - Montenegro

Video from transitions through the Atlantic Ocean

2 films filmed by Phil Suzemka and YachtVoyage crew of a sailing Lagoon 450 catamaran: The Dawns Here Are Quiet and Biscay autumn.

The First YachtVoyage Catamaran Cup 2013 regatta passed in Montenegro on sailing Lagoon 380 catamarans. We represent the big photoreport

Part 1 - Start!.

Part 2...

Part 3 - Finish...

Holiday and photos of participants...

Lagoon 450 and Lagoon 380 catamarans started to arrive from shipyards, equipment and descent to water. February 2013.

Video. Part 1 - from shipyard to the coast.

Video. Part 2 - How the names are given to boats

The YaсhtVoyage Company on Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting 2011

Photoreport about the exhibition.

BVI on Caribbean Islands

The "YaсhtVoyage" Company took part in the BVI show

Acceptance in Sabl d'Оlon of new Lagoon 450 catamarans.

How we accepted two new "boats", few about shipyard, about the city, the first TS, the first exit into the sea - Bay of Biscay.

New catamaran for our clients

One bigger catamaran in our fleet - for 10 passengers with luxury placement. Photos of yacht acceptance and a stage from France to Montenegro

Consecration of Yacht Voyage fleet

The long-awaited event - solemn consecration of two Lagoon 500 MRIYA and Lagoon 380 ANNA catamarans took place

First transatlantic transition

Two Lagoon 500 and Lagoon 440 catamarans passed a hard way from Tivat (Montenegro) to Dominican Republic (Caribbean islands)

Received the second catamaran

Acceptance of Lagoon 440 catamaran. A stage from CNB shipyard to Sabl De Olon (France) to Tivat (Montenegro).

Alisha is our first "boat"

How we got the first multicase Lagoon 500 yacht - catamaran in the Owner version


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