Corporate yachting

You have a strong friendly staff - they will work even better after passing the corporate yachting.

Believe, this is truth! A team work on a vessel, to defend the night watch, responsibility to help a friend, to make the correct actions in time, one for all and all for one - all this doesn`t become just words when you - a part of ordinary people are given on will of waves and wind.

Certainly our skilled skipper will instruct and prompt how and what to do; only you will do it by yourself and how everything will end depends on you! Such training will fasten friendship of collective than Friday sit-round gathering in a bar. Though there is a variant which more simple and cheap, participate in our annual regatta of YachtVoyage Catamaran Cup, there is also the command spirit multiplied on passion of competition and very cheap price.

Every year corporate yachting becomes more and more popular. The most different actions are transferred from overland hotels to other Wednesday - to the sea. Sea vessels give autonomy, and water open spaces give idea not only of immensity of the world, but also availability of any its point. Sailing vessels have one essential advantage - everyone who is on a vessel, carries out the function and its work is visible and demanded, everyone becomes the participant of an improbable sailing adventure. From joint actions of crew the modern unusual man-made history is built.

The sea, waves, sails, harmonious work of crew - and you mile behind mile move ahead to the purpose and in the end reach it, thus, managing only by own efforts. The crew of the yacht is an organism, which lives under one laws, as well as in corporation, but before elements all are equal. In the sea there are no enemies, there are no intrigues and squabbles. Work on the yacht is impossible without continuous mutual aid. Such close interaction of people different in character, habits and outlook will undoubtedly bring to strengthening friendly relations in the company, to understanding from a half-word as it is accepted on a vessel and to accurate forming structures of relationship in collective and to its unity.

One more interesting direction is carrying out business negotiations and signing contracts onboard a catamaran. In a cozy, pacifying atmosphere at a lung rocking waves, outdoors, where there is only a wind and the sea even the most delicate negotiations will pass successfully. And with the accounting of that catamaran interiors concede nothing to the best business hotels, qualified crew and hostess will unostentatiously do everything for your comfort, it is improbably easy to make a choice towards negotiations on such vessel. Besides we guarantee your anonymity.

In more detail according to the program of travel you will be consulted by our specialists by phone +7(495)721- 49-79, or leave the contact number in the online demand, and we will surely contact you

  • Organization of teambuildings
  • Organization of regattas
  • The negotiation organization on the yacht
  • Organization of seminars and trainings
  • Encouragement of employees
  • Any corporate actions on the yacht «on a turn-key basis»

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