Feel tender sun light caressing your skin
Lounge in shade of a canvas tent or engage in beach sports
Taste the nights full of rhythm and good vibes

MOVIDA is a restaurant, beach bar and night club – it is a perfect place to enjoy beach life throughout the entire day until early morning hours.

Movida has a nicely tended and spacious beach covered with pebbles where the whole family can relax and play. On the beach, tere is a snack bar offering refreshment. Those who appreciate mediterranean and international cuisine can enjoy it on a restaurant terrace overlooking the beach. Movida guests can relax in the VIP Lounge equipped with sunbeds and canvas tents with the fantastic view on the beach while listening to chill out music and an sipping exotic coctails.

Only in Movida - during the summer months you will be able to attend live performances of international DJs and regional music stars!

The beauty and business potentials of Movida beach life was already recognized and utilised by numeral local and international companies which organized their promotions and business events there and by numerous celebrities who are frequent guests of Movida beach and restaurant.

Zaliv Solila, 3 km off Tivta.

Nautical coordinates:

Online information:

Working hours:
bar: 08-03h; restoran: 08-01h;
plaža: 10-18h
Đuraševići BB, Marina Solila, Tivat


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