Big Atlantic transition (part second)

Two Lagoon 500 and Lagoon 440 catamarans passed a hard way from Tivat (Montenegro) to Dominican Republic (Caribbean islands)


Barcelona. Boat Show exhibition. The Pantaenus stand - our insurance company. Lagoon Company represents too Ancient submarine.

Sights of Barcelona. 

Casa Milà - beautiful but it isn't functional. 

Central Park of culture and rest of Barcelona. Subway.

And then we got to a storm. 

Sails are torn, there are a lot of small breakages, ray marine is demolished. Our "Flying Dutchman". 

We are under repair, and again on the way. 

Gibraliar is a world gate. On watch. Vagaries of the weather. 

But what a decline in the ocean is. We eat what we catch. 

Christmas in the Atlantic Ocean. Naturally festive dinner. Behind a board - dolphins. 

Here and the Caribbean islands - we reached them. 

On Caribs. Now it is possible to have a rest.


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