Olesya is the second catamaran of fleet

The following event in the history - the movement to increase in fleet of the company. Choice of the main place of basing fleet.

Beneteau Shipyard: here the most tremendous catamarans and yachts are floated, and our "Olesya" is from here

Obligatory verification of the contract specification. Skipper, sailor and representative of the of the Yacht Voyage company carefully examine a catamaran.

Traditional champagne - dealers, buyers and seamen don't avoid it. Traditions need to be honored.

The first exit to the sea. The first night in Bay of Biscay

The first stop in Kash-Kaishe – yachts need in passing TS too. Sights - mermaids and Don Pedro the First

Sights of Portugal. Lisbon.

Majestic statue of Christ with the museum by the bottom.

Here is a rough sea.

We leave Portugal, we move through Gibraltar.

The following stop in Malaga. Obligatory cleaning of the vessel.

Continuation of Malaga. Interesting catamaran of our South African friends and other sights.

Here we are in Tivat - the basis for fleet of the YachtVoyage Company.


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