Adventurous sea yacht cruises around Europe by Yacht Voyage

Travelling around Europe gives a great opportunity to learn its culture and people. If you are planning to spend the next vacation visiting Italy, Greece, Spain or other European countries, consider the possibility to see much more that you could explore by car. Sea yacht cruises by Yacht Voyage will let you enjoy the marvelous views of Mallorca, Ibiza, Madiera and other popular places when sailing around the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Exciting yacht cruises for experienced travelers

If you are keen on exploring new cities, sightseeing and learning other cultures, you will appreciate sea yacht cruises by Yacht Voyage.

In autumn, when the yachting season ends in the Adriatic and starts at the Canaries, you may take part in the yacht cruise from Majorca to Tenerife. Accompanied by the likeminded people who enjoy yachting, you will be able to see European cities by land and by sea.
The “sea” part of this wonderful adventure allows experiencing the contrast of the harsh Mediterranean and the soft waters of the Strait of Gibraltar, where you will see its famous vertical waves. During the sea yacht cruise around Europe, you will also get a chance to sail a yacht in the chopping sea. Organizing a corporate vacation would be a great teambuilding experience.

Entertainment activities and service

In the sea yacht cruises with Yacht Voyage time runs fast, as you will enjoy various activities suited to every fancy:

  • Visiting many countries;
  • Contemplating fascinating sea and land views;
  • Improving sailing and teamwork skills;
  • Relaxing in your luxurious cabin;
  • Sunbathing;
  • Diving;
  • Fishing.

Yacht Voyage offers modern catamarans, fully equipped and ready for a long route. A wide choice of destinations offers broad options even for experienced travelers, so we are sure you will find an interesting route. You can choose the best variant, if you visit one of our three bases in Europe.
To learn more details about the cruises by Yacht Voyage, contact us now – do not miss a great opportunity to join the team of daring adventurers.


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