Yacht charter in Greece, voyages by yacht across Greece

Sailing holidays in Greece

Greece is a unique island state in Southern Europe. Ancient temples, Olympic Gods’ legends, magnificent beaches and mouthwatering seafood are only a small part of all the treasures that the country can offer to visitors.

Greece is washed by five seas and it’s a wonderful destination for yachting. From the yacht you will have the opportunity to contemplate dreamy seascapes, secluded bays, gorgeous strands of snow-white sand beaches and splendid seaside greenery. No wonder that sailing holidays in Greece do not stop to attract thousands of visitors every year.

Yacht Voyage offers sailing tours and charters yachts for all the main destinations in Greece. Renting a yacht is a perfect way of spending holidays – from historic tours to disco parties with friends. Besides, kids love watching the sea and sunbathing, so a yacht cruise will be a great possibility for spending family holidays in Greece. Finally, our well-equipped vessels and professional crew will make your voyage truly unforgettable.

Our destinations for yacht charter in Greece

The Ionian Islands is the main destination for sailing yacht charter in Greece. These are twelve green islands famous for their breathtaking landscapes and golden beaches. Here natural beauty is closely interconnected with history and legends, and ancient architecture will give you an opportunity to know about the place where Greek Gods lived and world-famous sea battles took place.

  • The island of Paxoi is famous for its blue caves where you can see shimmering underwater formations. There is also the port of Gaios where many yachts anchor comfortably to spend a couple of days.
  • Those who want to rent a yacht in Greece often sail to Corfu. This is a big island with historic architecture and beautiful Corfu Town with a large port. On Corfu you can also find rocky hills, lush olive trees and hidden seaside grottoes.
  • Leukas. A former peninsula which is now separated from the continent by a 28-meter-wide channel. This largely green island serves as the destination for mid-term stops for many yachts in Greece.
  • Ithaca is the homeland of Odysseus, a famous small green island with an ancient citadel and breathtaking views. Ithaca is a true mixture of history and legends and has a unique mysterious charm that is very hard to resist.
  • Zakynthos. This island is famous primarily for its natural beauty. Long sandy bays and crystal-clean blue water are the main attractions that draw many yachts in Greece to this island. In the gulf of Laganas you can also see Caretta turtles and rare species of seals.

Yacht Voyage offers friendly yacht rental prices in Greece. We have a considerable experience in organizing yacht trips which allows us to set fair prices while offering exceptionally safe and enjoyable service. Start your best family holidays in Greece – charter a yacht with Yacht Voyage right now!


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