Porto Cervo. Sardinia. Yachting in one of the most prestigious resorts of the world.

Sardinia by right is considered to be one of the most beautiful and popular places of world sea tourism on yachts and catamarans.

Islands-reserves Caprera, Maddalena, Budelli. The ancient cities of Bonifacio and Porto Liscio attract travelers from around the world. Didn't ignore Sardinia and "the mighty of this world". The richest and influential people chose one of the most prestigious resorts of Italy – Porto Cervo.

It is located on the bank of natural harbor and is used as port for a set of magnificent yachts. Porto Cervo is located in the northeast of Sardinia, in only 20 kilometers by land from our base Marín Olbia, we offer more fascinating route on the rented yacht or a Yacht Voyage catamaran, more particularly - to come into a bay from the sea, the same as it is done by all eminent and rich visitors of Porto Cervo.

Your cruise will begin from not less interesting place - on our luxury sailing catamarans you will leave Olbia's bay, then you will bypass Sardinia in the northeast, here you will see kilometers of beaches and the rocks which are famous for the beauty, the sea reserve, 500 meter majestic steep coast of Tavolar island, Pittulongu, Marinella, PuntaCorallina beaches with small white sand and also with crystal clear water, the MurtaMaria beach – the recognized vacation spot of surfers, and at last you will come into the most favorite vacation spot of oligarchs, presidents and creative elite of the different countries - Porto Cervo.

Here once had a rest the princess Diana with her friend Egyptian millionaire Dodie al Fayed, Elizabeth Hurley and Hugh Grant spent their vacation; Marcello Mastroianni basked in the sun. Nowadays Tina Turner, Tom Cruise, Cathérine Deneuve, Leonardo Dicaprio and the top model Naomi Campbell visit this place quite often. Also our oligarchs didn't ignore Porto Cervo, so here, for example, it is possible to see well-known yacht of Roman Abramovich Eclipse on mooring quit often. The local newspaper, reported that one of Porto Cervo`s villa belongs to Vladimir Putin.

Exactly because of the fine opportunities for yachting this resort became such famous. The well-known architect Luigi Vyeti designed it, and he managed to construct "heavenly spot" for happy owners of yachts and those who simply appreciates and loves yachting. In harbor of Porto Cervo, where the parking of the yacht costs $500 per day, it is possible to meet the most different vessels, from small-sized boats to huge ocean courts.

During cruise across Sardinia, Yacht Voyage offers you the unique opportunity to charter a catamaran in Sardinia and to visit the one of the most luxurious resorts of the world and personally enjoy the natural amenities and to admire the most expensive and modern yachts of the world.

We will be glad to see you on our catamarans and we wish you successful travel

Contacts (and the location on the Google maps) of our representation in Sardinia are here...


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