Voyage in Italy, Routes

Routes on the sailing yacht and catamaran along the coast of Sardinia and Corsica

Week route
Olbia - Tavolara island - Caprera island - the island of La Maddalena - Budelli island - island of Lavezzi - the island of Kavall - the city of Bonifacio (Corsica) – the city of Porto Liscio – Porto Cervo – Porto Rotondo – Olbia

Tavolara Island

Tavolara – the unique exotic island which is in the north-east of Sardinia, representing the calcareous rock of 565 meters high. (the highest point - Monte Kannone). It is possible to reach the picturesque coast of this island only by sea from Olbia, having moored in bays of Spalmatore di Fuore’s in the northeast or Spalmatore di Terra in the southwest. Formerly in XIX-XX centuries Tavolara was considered as the independent kingdom, and now draws attention of tourists from every corner of the globe.

Caprera island

Kaprera is the legendary island - the reserve which is a part of the Maddalena archipelago. This place is known, first of all, for the rarest species of birds which under natural conditions live on the planet. Besides, the well-known Italian revolutionary of the nineteenth century - Giuseppe Garibaldi spent the last years of life on Caprera Island. Now there is a museum and a monument, devoted to this great figure.
Coastal areas of the Caprera Island are cut up by bays which perfectly are suitable for the parking of the small sea vessels, and coast decorate the fairy pine forests which are a part of the protected reserve.

Izola Maddalena Island

Izola Maddalena is the largest island which is a part of the same name Maddalena archipelago. On territories of the island the well-known «National reserve" of the archipelago which kept all natural richness of untouched flora and fauna of Sardinia is located. For example, here it is possible to meet rare species of huge whales which perfectly feel in the purest waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Italians carefully protect the natural property, for this reason the national park is under fixed protection of the state. The island is simply impregnated with history: exactly here the first large battle of young Napoleon Bonaparte was lost. To this place the admiral Nelson himself in time of dragged-out war with French led his fleet.

Budelli Island

Buddeli is the small island of only 170 hectares which is a part of the archipelago Maddalena. This place is famous for the whole world for the unique pink beach; such original color gives it a breed of granite of an unusual pink shade. The highest point of the island – the picturesque mountain of Budello (88 meters) from which top the grandiose panorama on the neighboring islands of the archipelago opens. Annually aficionados of diving and underwater photo hunting specially arrive to Italy to visit this dream place of the Mediterranean.

Lavezzi Island.

The group of small uninhabited islands of Lavezzi is a wonderful place for fans of the wild nature. The total area of islands makes 5,123 hectares, and the highest point settles down at the height of 50 meters above sea level. Lavezzi is the real paradise reserve of wild places, excellent natural pools and sand which stretches for long miles, invites you to sunbathe and bathe as much as you want..

City of Bonifacio (Corsica)

Bonifacio is the unique fortified city located in the southern part of the island of Corsica. It is a live legend, which is known for the whole world for the saturated history of ascent and falling. The walls of this city sustained a huge number of battles, but despite it they proudly rise over steep rocks of the peninsula to this day. Exactly here in the youthful years Napoleon Bonaparte lived there about three months. The main sight of Bonifacio is an urban citadel, from which walls it is possible to go down the picturesque Aragon stairs directly to water. The history of the basis of fortress goes to an era of the early middle Ages. It is authentically known that in the XII century there was already a powerful fortress on Monte-Rastello's hill, seen many grandiose fights. But only in 1554, after six months of the continuous sieges french troops could take the unassailable walls of this fort by storm, which by then was almost ruined, by the way, Frenchmen restored this wonderful historical monument. Today Bonifacio is a town with the population about 3000 people which annually draws attention of tourists from all over the world.

Two-week route:

Having chosen a two-week route, you will also be able to visit such places as Ajaccio – the city where Napoleon Bonaparte was born, to visit the medieval city of Porto-Vecchio, to see the city of Castelsardo and the archipelago of Asinara - the most beautiful and uncrowded places.

Voyage to Corsica

And for enthusiasts we offer a 500-mile route round the island of Corsica which takes two weeks.


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