Rented Boat Maintenance

Yacht Voyage offers complete service of the rented boats. What services fall under the warranty boat maintenance?

Warranty troubleshooting

The warranty provides that normal operation of the boat requires these facilities to be repaired among the first:

  • engine;
  • transmission;
  • windle (windlass);
  • storage battery;
  • generator.

If any of the listed facilities brakes down in the course of the yacht charter, we shall fix it along the boat repair within 48 hours of the notification of the responsible person. If yacht service specialists fail to fix it in due time, you will be granted an additional time in the end of the tour (with the replacement of the boat, if possible) or next time.

For boat maintenance it would be necessary to contact the Yacht Voyage base right after the breakage or other problem. The senior partner should report all the claims to the responsible person who has to record them before guests leave the base.

Non-warranty yacht service

What services are not included in the warranty boat maintenance?

All breakages will be fixed in any case. However, if the boat repair takes more than 48 hours, there will be no refund. This applies to the following facilities:

  • navigation equipment;
  • pumping machinery;
  • knotmeter, depth-gauge;
  • air conditioning;
  • household appliances;
  • audio and video equipment;
  • inflatable boat, outboard engine;
  • other items not influencing on the operation of the yacht.

There will be no compensation for exceeding the boat repair limit, if the breakage happened within a 20-mile radius of the Yacht Voyage base in the unstipulated territorial waters. This also includes the cases, when the fault is the result of the inappropriate treatment of the boat. How much does a yacht repair cost in such cases? To learn the price, please, contact your manager.

Anyway, we will do our best to fix such faults during the emergency yacht repair. It is likely we will ask you to turn the boat towards the yacht service specialists to accomplish boat repair within the shortest possible time.

If you face any difficulties or inconveniences on the board, please, contact the yacht service staff. Our personnel is ready to offer emergency boat maintenance and other assistance in different cases, so that your vacation goes smoothly.


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