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Calculation of the cost of a family yacht trip. Compare prices; choose stay at a reasonable price

When it comes time to dream, and crazy winds wanderings draw us irresistibly to surf under sail large lengths of seas, we are sometimes seized by languid indecision. Its causes lie in the fact that we are curious about the cost of such a "luxury" vacation. We once again ask ourselves and our toad: can we afford such luxury and is it worth it - maybe better to go the usual way and to go to the expensive hotel?

In fact, there is an old stereotype that everything related to yachting, should be certainly expensive and «not for everyone".

This thesis is only partly true. The truth is that the rest on our white catamaran under the hot rays of the southern sun unlikely will cost you more than vacation in a good Turkish hotel. Meanwhile, the difference in comfort, exclusivity of your stay and service is more than obvious!

In this article we will attempt to compare a trip on one of our Lagoon 440 catamaran and rest in a nice five-star Turkish Rixos Premium Belek hotel.

We will begin with an exclusivity shade rest on our magnificent yacht. Having arrived even to the most expensive hotel with excellently schooled personnel, all of you equally get to embraces of the hotel conveyor, which serves not only you, but also all other lodgers of this place., It seems everything is nice, but soon the understanding that you are not the one on this holiday of life that you are just one of the many people with a tight wallet. Quite another thing when you are alone or with a loved one standing on the deck of a beautiful yacht plying the azure waters of the ocean. Nobody will prevent you, but it doesn't mean that you are alone - the service personnel is imperceptible. He/She professionally doesn't catch sight, but invisibly presents nearby, ready, obeying any your gesture, immediately to satisfy your the most exacting desire.

And in the trembling gentle morning when dawn beams bring to this world hope, and in the romantic evening when the hot sphere of the sun melts on the sea horizon, and even when on the earth night condescends, and in the magical night haze the disk of the Moon is stolen over the sea and stars damp – now and always this flicker world belongs to you both undividedly. The yacht is always for a narrow circle, for those, whom you decided to take aboard. There is no crowd; there is no squeal of other people's children. Strangers don't wander here. (c)

The yacht is not a hotel room with the same quickly bothering view from the window (as a rule on the crowded and noisy beach). Our catamaran is the magic chariot ready to transfer you to the new and reserved places and to the countries with unique ecology and nature. Travel with us far from crowd of idle tourists in the places fanned by spirit of legends and myths. Wander with us, and views from your windows will never repeat twice. Stop where you conceive the idea, bathe where you want - in turquoise water of the Mediterranean Sea. We are ready to argue that after bathing from a catamaran neither you nor your children won't seduce the beach, even the best of hotels – after all to good you get used quickly and firmly, falling in love at first sight!

Below we made the approximate estimate of rest on a catamaran and for comparison attached to it the estimate of rest in elite Turkish hotel. Will surprise you, but rest cost in both cases is similar! Certainly you will compare. The world of rest and a relaxation is various, and you have the right to choose according to your taste.

If you are imposed by populous parties, the drive of huge discos, seal rookeries at the pool, monotonous shopping and turn at a rich buffet in hotel, by all means choose Turkey – this is yours.

If you prefer the European style of active rest in the narrow exclusivity of service, clear water lagoons and white sand beaches, new bay, city, country and hazy mirage of distant Islands on the ever-elusive horizon, then, believe me, sailing is something that you definitely need to try!

We offer you to compare:

An example of calculating the cost of the holiday on a catamaran

Lagoon 440 - 6 persons, from 6 July for 7 days

The main costs
The base price 6 000 €
Discount for early booking - 5% -300 €
The cost with a discount 5 700 €
Skipper 7DN * 140€ 980 €
The power of the crew 7DN 25€ 175€
Final cleaning 150 €
Total: 7 005 €
Additional costs
Food, based cel *80€ 480 €
Flight Moscow-Tivat-Moscow cel*350€ 2 100 €
ONLY 10 285 €
Diesel Deposit 700 €
TOTAL for 1 person  1 715 €

An example of the calculation of relaxation in a 5* hotel.

Request: 8 days in Turkey, from 6 July. Occupancy 4 adults. + 2 children. All inclusive
The hotel Rixos Premium Belek 18 612 €/ 3 102 € per person.
Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort&SPA 10 767 €/ 1 795 € for 1 person


For the same price we guarantee you that in fact is invaluable: an unforgettable experience and enthusiasm for new experiences!


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