Documents and rules of yacht charter

Catamaran isn't more difficult than hire of the car and it can be with a driver and without. If you get accustomed to comfort, of course,vessel charter with crew f for you. You will be surrounded with heat and care, and your safety will be in the most reliable hands. As, our company pays special attention to selection shots, our captains and even sailors have the higher sea education and enormous experience.

If you have a valid skipper license, not below the level of the Day Skipper or International Bareboat Skipper, with a permissible remoteness from the coastal waters 12 miles or more, and you want to operate a catamaran independently, it is necessary to consider the fact that the fleet is our own, and we love each yacht very much, and we seriously have a certain attitude toward the level of knowledge and skills of people which manage them. Therefore you have to send us the copy of the boatswain's license, and also to report if necessary about experience which you have and number of the passable miles. Also we can ask you in practice to confirm the qualification and for example to leave a marine, to pass a little and to come in again. It is a practice of the majority of large European companies. Such approach allows us to contain constantly the catamarans in the ideal state. If your qualification isn`t enough for management of a catamaran, we will provide you with some contacts of the skippers-freelancers or the crew agency.

Also, if you aren't sure of your skills, and you have a license, we can provide you for necessary time a skipper-mentor who will tell you all nuances and will help to accustom quicker with technology of a catamaran management.

The skipper can be taken, as well as for the whole trip, and for one or two days. If you stop your choice on cruise with the captain, you must understand that despite the fact that the crew will best accommodate your needs and interests, and you will be able to participate in the development of the route and adjust it during the move. But you have to consider the following: having entered aboard the vessel, you (and your friends, relatives and colleagues) get to a zone of responsibility of the captain, and he is also responsible for you, and for the vessel entrusted to him therefore some of your wishes in special situations he can refuse to execute. It can be connected with heavy meteoconditions, with rules of a divergence of courts (for example if you tell the driver: "turn now sharply to the right", - he can answer: "no, I won`t begin to cross a firm line"), with navigation dangers. Only threat of your safety can limit your wishes.

Safety at the sea is ensured also at the expense of insurance. All our vessels and people who entered their boards are insured from everything in life by one of the most serious world Pantaenius companies, therefore our clients can feel themselves absolutely protected.
Our own customer service will help to correct any technical malfunctions, if suddenly they all will arise.

What you have to do onboard, if you are on the yacht for the first time?

Firstly, you have to solve for yourself the main thing; either you want to be the passenger or a crew member. If the first so your task is to have a rest, and nothing to care about; we will make you and your relatives feel comfortable. For this purpose you can employ the additional personnel: cook, steward (stewardess) and sailor. If you want to learn something and at the same time to essay your powers at yachting, you should report us about it in advance or just before the exit to the captain, then you will have a chance to try different roles on the yacht from sailor to captain, naturally under control of the captain of the vessel (as well as any crew member you listen to his teams and you carry out them). This option especially is suitable for those who thinks of purchase of own yacht, but has not yet been trained on the captain.

Secondly, it is necessary to remember нsome simple rules, which will allow making your stay comfortable and corresponding sea ethics and good sea practice:

1. Coming to the yacht, it is necessary to ask "can we go on board? » it is clear that you are waited and met and that we are glad to see you very much, but for the crew it would be pleasent. Especially it concerns other yachts, for example, if neighbors in a marine hospitably invited you to call on and to look at their yacht.
2. You should come in someone else's yacht if there is nobody on the deck in such a way that to pass through a bow even if it compels you to do an excess hook.
3. Before a wood grating on the floor it is necessary to be undressed. Ideally when you go along the coast in one footwear and onboard you change the shoes in another. Not only because of possibility to soil the snow-white vessel but also because small stones and sand are capable to damage a deck covering.
4. To walk around the ship in the shoes of white soles or special yachting shoes.
5. To remember that it is virtually impossible to remove spilled oil onto a teak deck with sun or spilled red wine on the white coating.
6. If you are traveling with small children, it is advisable to order special safety mesh guard rail, to eliminate the possibility of your children overboard fall.

And that is what you receive, renting a catamaran in our company:

1. New sailing yachts
2. Excellent service
3. Professionalism of team and captain
4. Client support
5. Our contract as much as possible protects your interests, and not just ours
6. Insurance
7. Possibility of lonely rest on the yacht and opportunity to look at the most unique corners from water world..
8. Technical support
9. The romantic of sailing cruise.

Sincerely we hope that our service will be pleasant to you and rest with YachtVoyage will become unforgettable!

Charter contract of the yacht

To download the contract in pdf...

Vessel charter is a very large well-formed document with 11 pages in which minutely the rules of charter, formation of cost and our requisites on legal language are stated. 

We don't think that it will interest all visitors of the site therefore we offer to download a contract for a quiet thoughtful reading those who are interested in a real sea holiday with the comfort or interesting voyages and want to become our client.

If you have questions, don't hesitate to address by phone in Moscow +7 495 7214979 or with help of contact  form.

Contacts of our representations in other countries and regions are here ...

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Our yachts...

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