How to rent the yacht at a discount?

Yacht charter is reliable; it is a guarantee of high-quality rest.

Today Russian market of marine Charter tourism is experiencing a pretty steady climb, even in spite of global economic trends. First of all, due to the fact that in recent years Russians have become pickier and it is possible to say - pickier about the choice of their leisure time. Our compatriots had an obvious request not only for quality of tourist service, but also on a variety and an exclusivity of the rest.

Gradually we understand that your leisure time is completely different, you can easily go beyond the ordinary and familiar to us relaxing in the hotel, preferring freedom, excitement and adventure by the way absolutely without loss of comfort and safety. Now all these new emotions are able to be given by sea charter tourism. But sailing yacht or catamaran charter is a relatively young for our country direction, due to this factor, among many clients there is a lack of knowledge about the structure of the business. Searching for a yacht, for example, on the Internet, beginners are very rarely focused on the seller of this service. Their logic is simple: there seems to be a website, a contact phone number with a polite voice on the phone, there is a great yacht on the picture, what else is needed? "I will take". Here of course is interesting to know what players are available in the market of marine charter tourism and what are their differences? Now let's talk about it in more detail.

Among those who provide sailing yachts or catamarans on hire basis it is possible to allocate three basic players:
1. Private owners of sailing yachts.
2. Large fleet owners
3. Brokers

Individual yacht owners, as a rule, charter your own boat or use independently services of the brokerage company. Today there is not a big amount of privateers, it's all about the service of the yacht is expensive, and to do it alone, conforming to all international safety standards and comfort are able only a few. But unfortunately there is much more bad private owners offering to charter old or furthermore emergency courts. There is, of course, a plus – very rare, but you can save money because the private owners are ready to dump not to be left without money, because the owners are always aware of the charter market prices and at the same time to bring down prices they don`t wish at all. But just think of it, to spend a lot of time looking for a reliable sailor with a good boat is quite a dubious activity, right? Much easier to call a large charter company that will answer your question and will give corresponding warranties.

Speaking about brokers, everything is very simple, the broker is an intermediary agent, which for the reward is working with large company, promoting its services.

And finally, who are he owners of the yacht fleet in Russia and what is their main advantage? As a rule, these are the large companies that possess dozens of new sailing yachts or catamarans. For example, in the Yacht Voyage ownership there are more than 40 motor Lagoon catamarans, equipped with the latest equipment, fully trained and ready to sail. In addition, Yacht Voyage owns three private databases in Montenegro, Italy and Spain, where our entire world travels start. Also a large charter company is distinguished by extensive experience in the field of Maritime tourism and professional team. And here Yacht Voyage also has something to boast: we are on the charter market in Europe for over 4 years, our captains are time-tested, they know the waters excellent, they have won the world famous regattas and even crossed the Atlantic Ocean.


Dear friends, planning your voyage always choose reliability and quality, because nothing may be better than priceless days well spent at leisure! Good luck with your travels!

Our managers will always answer your call by phone +7 495 721 4979. Or, during working hours managers are always on-line consultant - blue tab on the right side of the screen - free call or chat with the manager.

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