The Italy magazine about rest in Sardinia

Article about rest on yachts in Italy in Sardinia

We tell about interesting places in Sardinia, available only on the yacht

In June recurrent issue of the known magazine Italy telling about life in Italy, events, traditions, kitchen, history, generally about everything that is necessary for the tourist who is going to have a rest in Italy was published.

Sardinia under sail: 5 ideas of voyage

On the deck of the Lagoon 500 vessel which is called Mriya it is quiet. The sea is silent, and our catamaran is not a small boat, on which people alloy on mountain small rivers, but the two-case sailing and motor yacht – sails exactly and soon. Rolling is almost not felt. Behind a board – Sardinia with boundless beaches, expensive resorts and magnificent kitchen. Ahead we have two days at the northeast coast of the island, the most interesting places which were asked Alexander Novikov by us for showing – the executive director of Yacht Voyage Company.

Conversation will be about such known and most beautiful places of Sardinia as: Olbia, Porto-Rotondo, Porto- Cervo, La Maddalena, Tavolara.

It is possible to download pdf version here...

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