New catamarans finished the transition

The Yacht Voyage Company provides motor sailing luxury catamarans charter in Adriatic Sea, the Mediterranean Sea and on Caribbean Islands. Catamarans are based in Montenegro, Croatia, Italy, Sicily, Majorca, Ibiza, Spain, Grenada, Antigua, the Balearic Islands, and Malta.

Two new sailing Lagoon 450 catamarans passed the Atlantic Ocean!

New sailing Lagoon 450 "Alina" and "Alexandra" catamarans  of Yacht Voyage Company finished the long transatlantic transition along Sabl d'Olon route  - Antigua and shining whiteness wait for the first guests.
At the moment all Yacht Voyage Company fleet of sailing catamarans concentrated on our base in Antigua, finishing preparation for "a hot New Year's season".
Hurry to make the remained reservation on New Year's holidays. You call and we will help you to organize unforgettable vacation in a real paradise on the earth, on islands of the Caribbean Sea.

Two new YachtVoyage Company catamarans in the Atlantic Ocean!

New Yacht Voyage Company catamarans finished the technical service of engines and set about the most interesting and more difficult stage of the transatlantic transition directly to crossing of Atlantic.
Lagoon 450 "Alexandra" accepted aboard tourists and sailed to Antigua, and Lagoon 450 "Alina" came to the Canary Islands to land the tourists who ascended aboard in Sabl d'Olon and passed initial stage of transatlantic transition. In Tenerife our yacht was already expected by new persons interested to subdue the ocean.



Two new Yacht Voyage Company catamarans went out from shipyard!

New comfortable Yacht Voyage yachts went out from shipyard in Le-Sabl-d'olon (France) and make their way towards Vigo (Spain) for passing of the first technical service of engines.
After that Lagoon 450 Alina will make its way towards Tenerife to take away tourists on the transatlantic transition and further without stops through the Atlantic Ocean to Antigua.
Lagoon 450 Alexandraafter a stop in Vigo will make its way straight across the ocean to Antigua.
We remind that there are still not reserved cabins for spring transatlantic transition of Antigua - Azora - Europe.


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