A sailing regatta in Adriatic Sea

We invite to take part in a sailing regatta on YachtVoyage catamarans.
Date of a regatta is defined: from October 12 till October 19, 2013.

For already several years Yacht Voyage Company offers clients from around the world the surprising opportunity to take pleasure in delightful freedom of the boundless sea and to spend unforgettable time for our new comfortable catamarans. We steadily increase our fleet and we increase our service that allows ours to choose the client for you the most optimum options of rest.

Following 2013 we decided to come to the following level. We want to suggest you to enter the elite club of yachtsmen namely to participate in the most grandiose event for the whole history of our company, in the Regatta along the most beautiful places of the Adriatic Sea at coast of Montenegro. A regatta under Yacht Voyage Company aegis will consist only of our fleet of catamarans that testifies about the high level of carrying out this action. Our new Lagoon 380 and exclusive Lagoon 450 will allow you to plunge entirely into the inexpressible atmosphere of a regatta and will present the sea of impressions and a charge of positive energy as for beginners in yacht business, and skilled seafarers.
We thought of a venue of so grandiose event very long time, and decided to stop the choice, perhaps, on one of the most refined places of the Mediterranean - the Adriatic Sea is really paradise for yachtsman.

Our regatta will take place from October 12 till October 19, 2013, we chose time of carrying out a regatta not incidentally. At the end of October air temperature in Adriatic Sea becomes more than comfortable, and a wind rose opens new opportunities for circulation under sail that is possible to meet in other regions very seldom.
If you love the sea and you want to receive the mass of positive and unforgettable impressions, so our regatta is for you. It isn't obligatory to have experience of navigation at all even if you have never entered aboard the yacht you can try yourself as the yachtsman and who knows maybe a circulation under sail will become your new passion for the rest of life.

In more detail about a regatta here...

To take part in a regatta send us the demand by means of a feedback form


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