The reporting from shipyard of Privilege Marine

The reporting from shipyard of Privilege about construction of catamarans Privilege and Feeling yachts

Friends, recently we were able to visit the heart of the legendary shipyards of our Privilege Marine partner

It is here, in the port town of Les Sables d'Olonne, since 1985, some of the most upscale yachts and catamarans in the world have been built. We were pleased to see with our own eyes how true professionals of shipbuilding work.
On the photo - on the shipyard the Russian flag in honor of Russian distributor, i.e. us is raised

The European approach to quality, attention to detail, well-organized workflow and competent management are the main business card of Privilege Marine. Yard management told us that every year the demand for yachts is growing steadily so the orders too. We convinced in this, having been in working shops where an active construction of another batch of luxury motor Privilege catamarans and monohull motor yachts for sport and leisure Feeling for new customers from Russia are built.
On the photo there are the basic processes of shells manufacture - gluing, assembly of the main buildings, equipment of the main bulkheads and engines, roll the assembled catamaran hull for interior and retrofitting by various accessories for individual orders.

We should remind, that Privilege Marine for over 20 years specialize in the construction of large upscale luxury Privilege Serie 4, 5, 6 and 7 and Feeling monohull catamarans from 32 to 55 ft. Privilege Catamarans are the perfect solution for a family VIP cruise. Excellent driving quality, unique design and finish, large capacity, high reliability and comfort output Privilege catamarans to one of the leading competitors in this market segment.
Today the range of data catamarans presents 4, 5, 6 and 7-th series, the length of which is from 40 to 70 feet.
On the photo - on the stocks a Privilege Serie 7 catamaran - the largest catamaran in the lineup.

In turn, the second direction - the one-case Feeling yachts will find the owners among real "old salts". If you love wind, speed and sport, but at the same time you don't want to endow the comfort and safety then these yachts are for you. Today in the market 7 models of the Feeling yachts from 32 to 55 foots long are presented.
On the photo -there is a single-unit Feeling 44 yacht which is under construction especially for bout show in Düsseldorf. There, in January, you will be able to see and feel it by your own hands at the stand 15B01.

We can add that at future exhibition in Cannes a Privilege Serie 6 catamaran will be presented, absolutely new model and now it is in the most initial stage of case gluing.

And this is how it ends - the propulsion system and the interior is in the final stages of Feeling 52 yacht production

To find out in detail the technical characteristics of catamarans and learn more about the Privilege marine shipyard you can here...

To find out monohull motor Feeling yachts and their range you can here...

We are proud to remind you that Yacht Voyage is the official distributor of the Privilege Marine Company in Russia. If you want to buy a Privilege catamaran or monohull Feeling yacht leave a request with your phone number or e-mail in the free form and we will contact youas soon as possible.

Our contact information:
phone: +7 495 721 92 42
Contact person: Alexander Novikov

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