Who develops yacht interior?

Renowned yacht shipyards try to make new boats with unique design. And here we are talking about not only the exterior, but also about the interior of the vessel. Conservative yacht interior becomes outdated. In a modern world people are interested in such styles as art deco, fusion, futurism and even ethno.

Main features of yacht design

Design of a boat is an integrated development project. A concept has to look great and perform a good operational quality. Designers take into account such characteristics as handling, seaworthiness, comfort, safety, as well as the approximate price range of the final product.

The work of yacht designer is full of professional difficulties. Firstly, it is an attention to details and secondly, a huge responsibility for the operation of the vessel.

The yacht interior cannot be developed separately from the exterior of the vessel. Size of the internal spaces is determined strictly in accordance with general dimensions of a yacht. In this case, the designer's task is to provide sustainable use of the internal space of a yacht.

Customer preferences and the purpose of a future yacht play a great role, too. Sport yachts and catamarans have to be fast, so their shape is traditionally streamlined and simple. Cruise yacht design have to be comfortable and elegant.

Famous designers of yachts

  • The success story of Igor Lobanov is quite interesting. His career in yacht design began, when he changed the sphere of professional activity, having shifted from cars to vessels. Lobanov has managed to become the first Russian designer whose works are praised by renowned international shipyards.
  • Another famous yacht designer Francesco Pachcovsky derives inspiration from classic art. Living in Florence, he uses rich artistic heritage of this place to put his ideas into practice.

Yacht design required creative thinking and profound technical knowledge, so if you want to become a good specialist, you have to learn a lot.


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