Luxury vacation yachts


Searching for new options to spend your forthcoming vacation you always try to come up with a fresh idea. But usually you end up with a five-star hotel, all-inclusive and traditional excursions. And what memories do you get? Usually the same.

Secret of a perfect vacation

You return home, watch TV-programs about sea adventures, and think how wonderful it would be to experience something like that. Why not? You do not have to spend the next vacation, following a guide in a tourist crowd. You can open up new horizons and re-imagine the concept of a perfect vacation.

You can organize such a fantastic trip that will be remembered forever. Sitting in front of your family, watching bright photos and recalling all those emotions and impressions.

We offer you FREEDOM! The freedom of an open sea. Rent a vacation yacht and sail around Europe. Fresh air, gentle breeze, silent sailing in the waters of the Mediterranean. You will get an adrenalin rush and enjoy picturesque sunsets, brilliant stars in the night sky. Explore new towns and islands, mooring anywhere you want.

Comfortable freedom

Vacation yachts offer you a comfortable freedom, as your hotel suit will be with you anywhere. Luxury yacht cabins are fully equipped with everything necessary for a long trip: furniture, home appliances and electronics.

No need to get up early in the morning to catch up with the tourist group, as only you will be in charge. You will enjoy clean waters and sun every day, without having to walk to the nearest beach.

You will choose the vacation yacht according to your preferences and the length of the trip. Yacht Voyage will offer all the assistance you need, giving you information on interesting routes and answering all your questions. If it is new for you, we are ready to invite you to the group trip with more experienced sailors.


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