Yachting - Safe sea cruise. Simple recommendations.

Yachting, simple recommendations for the tourists who for the first time are putting out to sea on the yacht.

Friends, let's present that your yacht is already reserved, suitcases are packed and you are remained to consider days in the anticipation of sea adventures. For certain you dream that your holiday will pass ideally. You already imagine how you will be heated under the dazzling summer sun, to feel the easy sea breeze on the body to listen to the pacifying music of surf and, of course, to communicate in a circle of the dearest to you people on a magnificent sailing catamaran. In order that the rest will pass like clockwork the part of time which you have before a charter, you should devote your time to such important things like health and safety. About it below.

Gathering in sea cruise (and in general in any distant travel) surely it is worth to consult with a doctor, especially, if you have specific questions or doubts. It is worth also to call the insurance service.
All charter yachts of YachtVoyage have the first-aid kit of first aid which includes on the board means against cuts, grazes, burns and other most necessary preparations. But provident travelers in addition hope and for themselves too. Don't forget to take means from cold, from the problems connected with digestion and, of course, from seasickness (even if you hasn`t got it at ll). The personal first-aid kit with bandage and a plaster won't prevent on the yacht also.
Skilled seamen know that the sun in the sea is not always only pleasant emotions. How are you considering why at yachtsmen it is accepted to wear clothes with long sleeves? Really fashion? No – banal protection against active sunshine.
For example:

Besides, yachtsmen know that beams are reflected from a water surface, even when you are under tent so to take with yourself a decent reserve of sunblock cream won`t be superfluous at all.
Also take qualitative sunglasses and fix them thongs to the head not to lose them during rolling,
For example:

If you plan to take part in control of the yacht, a catamaran or other sailing vessel, for example to be driven in a regatta, special gloves will surely be useful to you. Not from cold, but from banal callosities)))
here is the example:

To remain vigorous and active on the yacht in the hot weather don't forget to drink much, and of course, the speech here goes not about rum. Best of all clear bottled water without gas will approach.
Surely study that district to which you are going to. Even if onboard will be more skilled people than you, knowledge of climate features and the nature will be very useful to you. Besides, to examine flora and fauna of the region also won't prevent, for example, for fishing.
In a case of emergency situation onboard, it is necessary to know elementary rules of how to call to the aid and how to behave in general. Of course, you will be in detail instructed, but in advance to read, how the handheld transceiver works and what actions should be taken in case of force majeure on the vessel, will be very opportunely.
Good luck with your rest!


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