Basic rules of sea etiquette

yachting etiquette

yachting is certain standards of behavior which automatically become rules for all, who in this moment is onboard the yacht

Friends, everyone who even once sails at the sea on the yacht or a catamaran perfectly knows that yachting is not just sport hobby or one more type of tourism; yachting is the original world, filled with spirit of traditions which are transferred from generation to generations of seamen already more than 300 years. For all other, yachting is also certain standards of behavior, which automatically become rules for all who at this moment is onboard the yacht.

And today sea life simply is through impregnated by the laws which are so clear and important for skilled seamen and often are interesting opening for beginners. But nevertheless majority of rules on the yacht are banal standards of politeness and a decency framework, and other their part is dictated by observance of security measures onboard. That the very first sea campaign won`t take you in unawares, and skilled seamen accept you as a soulmate of them, in this article we briefly will describe the most important norms of etiquette on a vessel which will be suitable, both for the passenger, and for the beginning crew member. So,here they are:
• The main person in the crew of a vessel is certainly the captain and he is always right, we should listen to him and to coordinate everything with him.
• To enter another's yacht, without having received approval from the captain is a rule of a bad form.
• The first who enters the board of a vessel is a captain. By the way he leaves it after everyone. The same principle operates and behind a meal: the first toast always for the captain, He is the last one who leaves the table.
• At an entrance on the yacht, at a ladder you can notice a small rug; do not forget to wipe your feet. The street footwear is not accepted. It is necessary to release from it and to wear special yacht boots.
• On the yacht it is accepted to wear special clothes of light shades, for this reason traditionally onboard don`t favor red wine or red berry, in general all that can seriously soil clothes or deck.
• If you decided to create a noisy party on the yacht, please, be convinced that nearby there is no another yachts with people onboard. The sound over water has property to extend quicker and to sound more loudly.
• If you smoke, do not throw stubs into the sea and do not extinguish them with help of a deck.
• Curiosity is not a defect, but nevertheless peeping at open hatches of the next yachts will be regarded, as bad manners.
• From the yacht it is strictly forbidden to throw garbage into the sea. You should wait for a stop.
• If mooring to a board of other vessel is required, always ask permission about it.
• If you moored to a board of other yacht and it is necessary for you to descend through it on the coast, so bypass through a tank - the zone of a cockpit is considered to be a private part!
• Support purity onboard.
• Before sailing do not forget to remove fenders.
• ounter yachts always welcome each other. It is accepted that a vessel which is bigger always welcomes the first vessel which is less big.
• In the air do not forget to greet and say goodbye to the partner in communication. You should wish good duty and thank for cooperation.
• The woman onboard of a vessel should be always surrounded with care of yachtsmen. This is a rule of decency.
• It is not necessary to pass under flag which does not correspond to the yacht status. Observe these rules and we wish you a good travel!


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