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David Rustom

Review of David Rustom about his booking Lagoon 450 - Palma - 22/08/2015 - 29/08/2015

Global Rating: 5/5 (Excellent)

Lagoon 450

Yacht Voyage are a well organised and professional setup.

The Lagoon 450 is not for amateur yachtsmen. The boom height is too high and the crew stations on the flybridge are treacherous.

However, if the boat is used as a motor sailor and floating luxury platform, then Lagoon have achieved their goal.

- Welcome : 4/5 (Very Good)

- Boat : 5/5 (Excellent)

- Quality/Price : 3/5 (Good)

- Destination : 3/5 (Good)

David Rustom


Dear Yacht Voyage,

Concerned about the satisfaction of our clients, we send them a series of questions after each rental about their cruise.

Below you can find the review of Sylvain Calluaud about his booking Lagoon 400 S2 - Palma - 25/07/2015 - 01/08/2015

Global Rating: 4/5 (Very Good)

Un tour de Majorque en famille

Du vent, du soleil, une eau limpide et chaude, des criques de réves pour nous seuls et une autre approche de Majorque la touristique, un tour de l´ile en une semaine à refaire avec un bon bateau pour 11 personnes.
Bateau bien préparé, loueur sympa, bon emplacement mais un petit manque de vaiselle et certains equipements de cuisines en mediocre état (e.g. cafetiere)

- Welcome : 4/5 (Very Good)
- Boat : 4/5 (Very Good)
- Quality/Price : 4/5 (Very Good)
- Destination : 5/5 (Excellent)

I want to thank you for the service you have provided to this client and I hope this information will be helpful for you.

You should also know that you can find all your reviews on your PRO account in the "Bookings" menu.

Thank you for your attention,

Best Regards,

Lea HOFMANN - Sales Advisor - Germany


Lagoon 380 “Anna”, Montenegro 2011

As you may recall, shortly before departure, the group I chartered from raised questions about my boat licence. In retrospect I can see that this was simply a measure of their caution. The boat was fantastic. It had obviously not been out recently but the lady from yacht-voyage was very helpful. There were a few items missing which she arranged within a couple of hours. This delayed departure slightly but was no big deal.

Whilst on anchor one day we were approached by a couple of guys who were crewing one of the sister boats. They wanted to make sure we had no problems and told us were they would be if we needed and help. Small effort by them but very much appreciated and gave excellent impression of group.

Overall we had a memorable trip. No issues at all with the licence but I intend to get my Yacht masters' before next summer as I would not want the potential hassle anyway.

Your help in the planning stage was much appreciated. I would recommend the Lagoon as a catamaran without hesitation (better helm position and layout than other boat) and I would highly recommend Yacht-voyage as a company.

David Owens

Lagoon 440 “Olesya” , Croatia, Montenegro, 2011

Нам все очень понравилось!!! Большое спасибо вашей компании за теплый прием, высококвалифицированный персонал и восхитительный отпуск.

Мы замечательно провели время на яхте и сделали гигабайты фотографий над и под водой.

По поводу путешествия. Мы все считаем, что это был самый лучший летний отдых. Мы весело проводили время, расслаблялись и купались в Адриатическом море. Команда на яхте – великолепна. С Константином и Николаем мы постоянно чувствовали себя в безопасности. Также необходимо поблагодарить всю Вашу компанию за внимательный и заботливый менеджмент нашего путешествия.

Анастасия Борисова

Lagoon 450 Alexandr, Caribean 2011-2012

Считаю, что надо больше предоставлять спортивного движения на лодке и за ее бортом – каяки, пляжный катамаран, лазер и др. в местах движения яхты.


Lagoon 440 Olesya, bareboa, Caribean 2011-2012

Отличные впечатления от катамарана! Хорошо оснащен (опреснитель, дизельгенератор), чисто, комфортно. Хорошо идет под парусами. В сильный ветер устойчив и надежен. Особая благодарность директору базы Марии за поддержку и высокий профессионализм. И Николаю, замечательному сотруднику, технически подкованному и замечательному профессионалу.

Всем спасибо, в надежде на сотрудничество!


Lagoon 500, Montenegro 2013

Вчера мои друзья брали у вас Lagoon 500 на день Ульцин-Тиват-Ульцин. Хотел бы поблагодарить за отличное состояние и подготовку лодки. Экипаж - Илья Тищенко и хостесс - высокопрофессиональны и клиентоориентированы!

Им персональное спасибо!

Олег Пименов

Lagoon 380 “Anna” 2013


We have just returned to the UK from our week long charter in Montenegro. The 2010 Lagoon 380 was spotlessly presented and we had a great week on board. Apart from the freakish hot weather and total lack of wind we had a great charter and were treated very well by all at the base, with nothing being too much trouble. We had a couple of issues whilst out , (as with all charter holidays) which were sorted out both quickly and with a good attitude. We anchored out and picked up moorings all of the time, as we are not into the whole Marina thing, and we had plenty of choice of location.

Kind regards

Malcolm Collins

Lagoon 450 “Natasha”, Italy Sardinia, 2014

Dear Sirs,
we chartered your Lagoon 450 "Natasha" from August 2nd for one week and we have the chance to appreciate the service provided by you.

The boat was in very good conditions and comfortable and "el patron" GianGaspare Carta showed very deep capability in sailing the seas and managing the crew (very prudent and in the same time a smart and nice guy with great appeal in human relations, so the best skipper we could hope to have).

Thanks a lot to you all for letting us enjoying this vacation so much and we hope to have another chance to book a boat with you.

Best regards.

Daniela Burlando, Carlotta Marcacci, Milena Gamba , Gianfranco Grimaldi, Francesco Mattiroli, Olimpio Stucchi

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