How does Catamaran charter?

What is included in the price of vessel charter?

At first you need to choose the time and place of the cruise, o determine the number of guests on Board. It is important to note that the usual international practice is a charter from Saturday to Saturday, nevertheless in the presence of free catamarans we are ready to offer and other days.
Then you need to call us or send a request by e-mail. We will check our schedule download with your desired dates and if at this time the catamaran is not busy - then we will make the reservation. It is very important to plan holidays well in advance because during the peak season, the chosen date available yachts may not be. We'd have to change either the date or the type of catamaran. If you put the catamaran on the option, it means that it is interesting to you, but you have some time to think and to decide. Option is available for a period from three to seven days.
When the decision is made, the yacht is booked. The reservation of the yacht immediately entails the signing of the Treaty, and unlike options, the client can bear loss of material in case of further charter refusal.

What is included in the price of vessel charter?

- The yacht, completely equipped and ready for a charter, in working condition and with the full fuel tanks
- Insurance of the vessel, team, guests
- Insurance of owner liability, guests and team
- Technical support and guarantee debugging
- All necessary saving equipment
- The rubber boat with the 20 h.p. engine
- Bed linen, towels
- Fishing rods
- Masks, flippers, tubes

What isn't included?

  1. Parking in marines, anchor parking.
  2. Fuel.
  3. Electricity, water, garbage removal in marines.
  4. Migratory duties and collecting.
  5. Final cleaning of the vessel.
  6. Montenegro and Croatian vignette (in case of travel in Adriatic Sea) - taxes on use of sea territorial waters of the countries (Transit Log)
  7. Food and drinks for the client and his guests; Communications and use of the Internet.

Additional expenses:

Also we can develop for you an individual route taking into account all your wishes: diving, shopping, survey sights, visiting of festivals, carnivals, bars and discos.

"The returned insurance deposit" s also among additional expenses. This deposit serves as compensation guarantee to the owner of losses or damage from negligence from the client or violations of service conditions of a catamaran.

We hope that rest from "Yacht Voyage" will be comfortable and memorable. Our managers with pleasure will answer all your questions.

If you have questions don't hesitate to address to us by phone in Moscow +7 495 7214979 or with help of contact form.

Contacts of our representations in other countries and regions are here...

What are the yacht and a catamaran?

Our documents and rules of vessel management.


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