rent of a yacht Lagoon 400S2 in Italy (Sardinia) Prices and terms for the year 2019

we have gathered all the necessary and useful facts of the rent of a yacht Lagoon400 in Sardinia, Italy. Here we give you a description of the yacht, locality, rates and full budget of your Italian vacation in Sardinia (where tycoons spend their vacation). Let’s compare to the hotel accommodation. Sailing catamaran from Yacht Voyage fleet, Lagoon400S2 has capacity up to 12 persons, 4 cabins, 4 heads with showers. Democratic price depending on season. Russians need visa. Rental agreement. The Italian Sardinia becomes not only affordable to tycoons, this destination is not cheap but it is not too expensive either. You may have a crewed charter or bareboat on condition of your being a holder of sailing certificate. Our Sales team is available on the phone +7 495 721 4979

06/04/19-04/05/19 € 3000
04/05/19-25/05/19 € 3800
25/05/19-22/06/19 € 4200
22/06/19-27/07/19 € 5500
27/07/19-24/08/19 € 6500
24/08/19-21/09/19 € 5000
21/09/19-19/10/19 € 4000
19/10/19-08/11/19 € 3000
Refundable deposit 3000 €
Mandatory extras:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen and towels, gas) 270 €/charter
Outboard engine 100 €/week
Refundable deposit 3000 €
Optional extras:
Kayak 150 €/week
Puddle surf 150 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (with the refundable deposit of 500 EUR)
WIFI 100 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/piece

The security deposit in Italy cannot be avoided or reduced. In Italy due to the specific navigation area you cannot limit your liability by having the deposit insured. The only possible means of leaving the security deposit is a bank transfer +/- 7 days prior to the charter start. The sea doesn’t allow carelessness and Yacht Voyage cannot avoid taking precautions by holding security deposits. This amount is aimed at covering the repairs in case the damage occurred by customer’s fault. The difference between the repair cost and the deposit amount will be refunded. If the catamaran comes fine without any damages the customer gets full refund of the deposit. Please mind that it will take some while to send the money back to your account.

If you have any failures of important equipment during your charter just call our base manager in Olbia and he will send our technicians to make the repairs. Under the contract Yacht Voyage has 48 hours for solving the technical problems. In such cases we make a technical statement with the indication of a person in charge for the breach – he will be the one to cover the repair works. To feel safer you should hire a skipper with personal insurance and in case of his failure he will bear responsibility.

The main service rendered by Yacht Voyage is providing sailing catamaran Lagoon400S2 for a rent in ready to sail condition. You may have a bareboat charter on Lagoon400 or skippered. If you are the holder of sailing certificate with the allowance not less than 12 sea miles off shore Yacht Voyage will allow you to rent a yacht without a skipper. Your nautical skills will be checked on spot. Besides you must fill in the sailing experience form in advance, see it here. If you are not experienced in sailing you will need to hire a skipper with a personal insurance. The insurance is highly desired as in case of his failures the repair costs will be covered by the insurance company. You may purchase additional services with third companies on spot, but we advise to manage everything in advance as you will have enough to do in base marina before sailing away – like revision of the yacht at check in. Optional extras offered by Yacht Voyage (mainly water toys) may be paid at base. We accept cash only.

The contract is the official agreement about the services that Yacht Voyage renders to the customer. It stipulates almost every aspect of Yacht Voyage interaction with the customer. We strongly recommend to look it through in advance, below you may find a link to upload our Vessel lease rules. If necessary our sales team will focus on its important points and answer your questions.

The main clauses of the contract:

  • Catamaran model.
  • Rental cost and deposit amount.
  • Dates of your charter. Usually not less than a week with start and finish o Saturdays.
  • Embarkation/ disembarkation point. If it is not our base the terms and the delivery fee are agreed in advance, this is an extra service.
  • Check in and check out time – the appointment you must follow as we need to reserve time for preparing the boat for the next charter. You should arrive at our base by 17:00 on Saturday for the check in procedure, next Saturday by 9:00 you need to make check out.
  • Catamaran equipment handling requirements. The crucial point that is rarely read what results in covering breaches of the equipment (due to improper use) from the deposit.
  • Your providing your and your mates’ document scans.
  • There is also a rule concerning fuel and fecal tanks. You get the catamaran Lagoon400S2 fully fueled and with empty fecal tanks. You must then deliver it in the same conditions with the fuel tanks full and fecal tanks empty. Refueling is possible almost in any marina, the fecal tanks must be emptied off the sanitary zone (your skipper must keep it in mind but you may give him a reminder). We charge the customers for the non-compliance of this requirement.
  • Final cleaning service– none of the guests is willing to clean the boat by themselves after the vacation, that is why final cleaning is mandatory in yacht charter business all over the world.

Payment schedule: 50% upon the booking confirmation and the rest 50% a month prior to the charter start.

Discounts: We offer maximal early booking discounts up to 31/12 of the year prior to the year of embarkation. We have a very client friendly discount policy and if possible always try to make the best offers especially to our repeaters.

This section is dedicated to FAQs about providing skippers, provisioning, transfers to/from airports. Let’s make it clear – skipper or any other crew like chef, hostess or associated services are NOT INCLUDED in the rental cost and are paid directly to the service providers. Yacht Voyage does not organize these services. But we have the data base and contact information and we will gladly share it with you as well as advise you regarding the reasonable rates (for example skipper average daily rate in the region). You just have to contact the chosen service provider and make all the financial arrangements with him directly.

Not to mention your spending nights at moorings in various marinas. Marina fees are also paid directly when you moor there. You may save a little budget by anchorage out of marina and getting to the shore on your dinghy. It will also save you from dangerous maneuvers that might result in damaging the hull. Visas and flights are not included in our services but we may share with you some useful links for booking flights and hotels. If needed we are ready to forward you the Letter of your charter confirmation for your visa application set.

Taking for granted the importance of the above mentioned information for your comfortable vacation we make you aware of the services we do not render, your comprehension is highly appreciated.

Equipment and capacity of the yacht Lagoon 400.

Sailing catamaran Lagoon 400 gives a very nice accommodation at sea for 12 people. But we advise it to the company of eight for much comfort. The dimensions of the yacht are: 12 meters long, almost 7,5 meters wide. This represents some 100-square meters space for your leisure and relaxing. There are sofas and a table on the back of the deck, above the saloon and in the front part there is a net for sunbathing and comfortable mats where you may not only relax but sleep as well. Inside the yacht there are 4 double cabins with 4 heads (toilet+shower), central saloon and 2 forepeak single cabins (meant for crew). In each double cabin there is a king-size bed (2х2 m), closets and space for storage of your belongings and cloths. Double cabins have fans and illuminators that are easily opened. Single cabins have narrow beds, they are rather tiny just designed to sleep. If you company is more than 8 people you may use them as well. In the central saloon there is also a dinette convertible into a bed for 2 persons. There you may easily cook using gas cooker and necessary kitchen equipment provided aboard. From there you may operate your yacht, but there is also a control panel outside the saloon. The central saloon has dining space with sofas and convertible table. There are fridges too. Heads are equipped with electric pump. Definitely there is also all the necessary navigation equipment and autopilot. A water maker is not provided that is why this model has a water tank with the capacity of 300 l. Note that this is not portable water. You should purchase portable water by yourself. Snorkeling sets and a dinghy are provided for free. You may have other water toys on request and for additional fee.

The catamaran is equipped with emergency and rescue means like a safe cruise liner – life raft, vests and life rings among other rescue and alerting means. The capacity of rescue means and safety equipment sets aboard correspond to the capacity of the yacht plus some extra sets. Our fleet is subject to thorough technical safety checks and its emergency equipment is being controlled.

You will visit Italian Sardinia and French Corsica!

The Italian island of Sardinia is full of perfectly equipped marinas where the richest people of the world prefer to spend their vacations. For example Porto Cervo. It is very beautiful and rather expensive of course. But in Sardinia there are many beautiful and comfortable harbors for much less. By the way lower rate doesn't mean lower service level. Besides fresh seafood, Italian cheese and vine are always beyond your expectations. The natural beauty of various bays and the purity of beaches will make you feel relaxed and happy. In addition Sardinia is rich in historical places. If you decide to dine out in small family cafes you will enjoy delicious home cuisine for reasonable prices, sometimes the quality of food is better than in prestigious restaurants. At a stone's throw on the other side of the Bonifacio Strait there lies the island of Corsica, where one will find many interesting places to visit especially nature lovers. The strait almost always offers good wind for sailing to those who would like to experience strong emotions and real speed. If you are lucky enough you will even have an opportunity to race with other yachts. Taking care of your freedom we never put limits to your routes – these are your free choice and recommendations of your skipper. He may also be your guide, assistant and companion. The provisioning for the skipper will be at your expense during this week that means you will share table with your best friend – mind that the skipper choice is a crucial question to which you should pay special attention. The vacation may be spoilt if you have an improper person around (don’t hesitate to ask of the skipper’s personal insurance). He will also advise local shops with reasonable prices and the entertainment in marinas. And we will advise you average rates in Italy. Moorings usually range between 180 - 200 EUR per night in main marinas and 350 EUR per night in Porto Cervo. Your get connected to the electricity source of the marina and your tanks refilled with water. Transfer from the airport ranges from 20 EUR for a car to 50 EUR for a micro bus.

Here is your route example.

Start in our Marina di Olbia where the yacht base is located, go to Golfo Aranci to spend some time at a famous local "white" beach. During high season we recommend you to go to San Teodoro to visit La Cinta beach. Further you may visit Porto Rotondo, this location is loved by Silvio Berlusconi. It is also a great place for shopping. Then go to Portisco – the most beautiful beach in Sardinia (shallows), moreover the public transport can hardly get there. Porto Cervo is the biggest and splendid harbor with the luxurious yacht club popular among celebrities and the rich. The archipelago La Maddalena will make you enjoy virgin nature and historical spirit (if you are familiar with the name of Giuseppe Garibaldi you will definitely appreciate visiting this national park). And on the way back go to Bonifacio in Corsica and get back to Olbia.

Our Italian base is located in the island of Sardinia in Marina di Olbia, please see below the map with the infrastructure – it isv ery helpful guide pointing restaurants, car rental offices, shops, hotels, parkings and other places you may need. You may get there by plane from Rome and by ferry.

Let’s make a brief summary. A charter lasts a week or multiple weeks from Saturday to Saturday, you rent the whole boat, not only your cabin. On the day of check in you should arrive at our base in Olbia by 17:00 and take the catamaran, on the last day you should give it back by 9 a.m. The yacht must be with full fuel tanks and with empty fecal tanks. If during the check out procedure there are some breaches detected you will have to cover the repair works and spares from your security deposit (the difference will be refunded). Yacht Voyage offers you a bareboat charter on condition of your having a sailing license or you may hire a skipper for yourself. You are free to draft your route, choose ports for moorings and pay respective charges, you search for your skipper and so on. If you do not want to spend your money at moorings you may anchor near the shore. The dinghy is good to reach the beach and using it is an entertainment as well.

And now the full budget of your sea vacation, rent of a catamaran Lagoon400 and associated expenses. Let’s compare to the hotel accommodation.

Let's take an average rate of 5200 EUR as prices may vary significantly depending on high or low season (from 3000 to 8000 EUR).

Mandatory extras will add - 370 EUR.

Fuel – up to 200 EUR per week.

Skipper service 1400 EUR per week.

Some additional extra - 100 EUR.

Provisioning - 200 EUR.

Let’s divide the total amount into 8 persons and the result will be around 1350 EUR per person.

The flight and visa will cost 250 EUR.

The grand total is around 1600 EUR per person.

And the final rental budget of the yacht Lagoon400 in Italy (deposit not included) is 13000 EUR. You have to provide the deposit amount of 3300 EUR but this sum will be refunded. The total budget with the security deposit is 163000 EUR.

Let’s compare it with a hotel stay: a double room in a decent 4-star hotel for a week will cost minimum 700 EUR. Your meals will be a bit more expensive - for a lunch you need to spend around 50 EUR, if you add breakfast and dinner the total per day for 2 persons will be minimum 100-150 EUR, which results in 1000 EUR per week. Adding at least one excursion, sightseeing around the island (not islands), beach rates and some associated expenses we get minimum 350-400 EUR. That is 1000 EUR per ONE person per week. You will spend the same 250 EUR for flight and visa and get almost the same amount: 1250 EUR per person. Of course in this calculation we took average and approximate rates. You should mind that comfort has its value and trying to save some money you will not reach many interesting places accessible only by sea. Easily accessible and well-known touristic places are usually overcrowded so that your level of comfort and the state of beaches will leave much to be desired. And what about the purest sea in a peaceful secure lagoon hidden from the crowds of tourists? What would you say about your meals that you choose and prepare from the freshest and most delicious local food ?

We recommend Lagoon400 as an ideal yacht for a comfortable sea vacation in Italy for 2 families (parents + kid). Another splendid variant is to gather your friends or business partners, or maybe even your university group mates. If you wish to experience luxurious tycoons’ vacation but do not blow out all your money the yacht rent in Italy is your choice. By the way Lagoon400S2 is the most budget-friendly variant. The other models of our Sardinian fleet will be more expensive and will offer more comfort and space as well.

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