Rent a boat Lagoon380 Croatia, summer 2019

We will tell you how to rent catamaran in Croatia, how to save your budget and avoid some mistakes. . Motor-sailing catamaran Lagoon380 is the best choice for somebody who is looking for comfort and reasonable price. It has 4 cabins and salon and suitable for up to 12 persons. It is possible to rent it bareboat if you have appropriate sailing license. Contact number: +7 495 721 4979

Period Rates
06/04/19-04/05/19 € 2000
04/05/19-25/05/19 € 2200
25/05/19-22/06/19 € 3500
22/06/19-27/07/19 € 3600
27/07/19-24/08/19 € 4000
24/08/19-21/09/19 € 3700
21/09/19-19/10/19 € 3000
19/10/19-08/11/19 € 2000
Refundable deposit 3000 €
Mandatory extra services:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen, towels, gas) 170 €/charter
Outboard engine 80 €/week
Transit log 120 €/charter
Refundable deposit 3000 €
Extra services:
Kayak 130 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (deposit is required - 500 €)
WIFI 50 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/pc.

Our yacht base is located in Montenegro in Marina Solila (Tivat). It causes some bureaucracy to go to Croatia but we can help with it!

According to the restrictions which were imposed by Maritime Ministry of Croatia in May 2017 all the incoming foreign charters should be registered at the Customs terminal in the port of departure and arrival. Also they should pay the tax based on the quantity of the days spent in Croatian waters.

Yacht Voyage can organize all the paperwork and procedures! We kindly ask our clients to plan their visit to Croatia beforehand and inform us about the ports of departure and arrival and quantity of the days which they plan to stay in the country in order we can prepare all the documents in time.

There are several options of departure and arrival ports. Total amount of additional fee is based on the sum of Customs tax and our expenses on yacht delivery to/from Tivat. Below you can find the pricelist for all the possible routes:

  1. Tivat- Tivat (Montenegro), visiting Croatia
    350 euro per boat + 60 euro per day per person
  2. Tivat - Cavtat (Croatia)
    650 euro per boat + 60 euro per day per person
  3. Tivat - Dubrovnik (Croatia)
    700 euro per boat + 60 euro per day per person
  4. Cavtat (Croatia) – Tivat (Montenegro)
    750 euro per boat + 60 euro per day per person
  5. Dubrovnik (Croatia) – Tivat (Montenegro)
    800 euro per boat + 60 euro per day per person
  6. Cavtat - Cavtat (Croatia)
    1050 euro per boat + 60 euro per day per person
  7. Dubrovnik – Dubrovnik (Croatia)
    1150 euro per boat + 60 euro per day per person

Holidays at the seaside can help you to relax, have fun and feel healthier. Always remember that boats are a very technical thing and could be broken. If it is damaged by your fault we will charge the cost of its reparation from caution deposit. In most cases nothing happens and we return the total amount of the deposit after check-out.

The other option is insurance from damage which costs 300 euro. It could help you to save your money. In case of damage you pay approximately 4 times less if you have bought insurance beforehand. Be advised that if nothing happened we return you deposit which is 500 euro but the cost of insurance itself is not refundable.

The caution deposit should be paid after check-in, when you check it’s conditional and equipment according to the list provided by us. If you hire skipper we advise you to involve him too into this process. Also it would be better to ask him about his personal skipper’s insurance. You should not pay for his mistakes!

Yacht Voyage will repair the damage of the most important parts of the yacht during 48 hours. We will send you the specialists with necessary equipment and parts. This kind of service should be paid by the part who is responsible for damage. The main sources are you deposit, funds of Yacht Voyage and maybe skipper’s insurance.

We offer our clients additional services which can be paid in our yacht base at the moment of check-in. You can pay by cash or by card. It is possible to rent it bareboat if you have appropriate sailing license and can pass small practical test. Here you can find the approval form of skipper’s license. It called «bareboat» if you take just yacht without skipper. For those who don’t have the sailing license it is obligatory to hire professional skipper.

Final cleaning is obligatory extra service. For sure nobody who wants to wash the floors himself.

After all the terms and conditions agreed we sign the contract. The core business of Yacht Voyage is boat rental of Lagoon380. We are the owner of boats and marina Solila and we are already for 6 years in charter market of Adriatics. There are all the rules, dates, terms and conditions in the contract. We highly recommend you to read it beforehand. If you have any further questions our manager will be glad to help you.

Main points of the contract:

  • Yacht model.
  • Price and caution deposit.
  • Dates of the charter. Usually it is from Saturday to Saturday.
  • Arrival and Departure port.
  • Time of check-in and check-out. It is very important moment because we need the time to prepare the yacht for the next charter. You should arrive for check-in on Saturday at 17:00, then on Friday at 17:00 you should be back to the marina and make check-out at 9:00 on next Saturday.
  • List of the documents of all the persons on board which you should provide to the manager.
  • Safety rules.

You will need to provide the copies of documents of all crew members prior to the charter.

Rules concerning the fuel and sewage tanks. You receive your Lagoon450 with full fuel tank and empty sewage tanks. It should be delivered back to us in the same condition - with full fuel tank and empty sewage tanks.

Payment terms: 50% - after contract signing, 50% - 30 days before the charter date.

Discounts: usually we provide early booking discounts until 31st of December for the next season. You can about the discount on the moment of request, in some cases we provide additional discounts to our clients, especially to repeat ones or for the long-term bookings.

The price includes only the bareboat catamaran rental price in Croatia. Yacht Voyage is responsible for providing the catamaran in agreed date, time and in appropriate condition. We are also responsible for providing to our clients obligatory extra services.

Such things as skipper’s service, provisioning, booking of moorings in ports, ticket and visa services is not included into price and totally up to clients responsibility. We understand that it is very important for comfort vacations but it is not our core business and we hope for your understanding.

In the same time we are always glad to advice our clients good skipper and other personnel and consult about the prices. We always inform our clients how to get to our marina from the airport how to organize provisioning but the client should contact third parties by himself without our interference.

Russian citizens don’t need the visa for Montenegro but it is required in Croatia. So we advise you to plan your trip in advance and take care about your visa at least 3 months before the planned trip. You can found the information about the flights and hotels by the links below.

What is Lagoon380?

Actually it is luxury 4-rooms apartment on the water! We advise it for 8 persons, but actually there could stay 12 persons. Each cabin has big double-size bed and wardrobe for clothes. The cabins are equipped with fans. Besides you can open cabin windows, the sea air is very good for health.

There is a big table and sofas in the kitchen-salon. There is also oven, fridges and sink in the kitchen.

Yacht is equipped with navigation facilities and auto-pilot. The yacht is controlled from the salon and from flybridge.

There is a rest area with comfortable sunbeds at the back of the deck and above the salon. Due to the fact that Lagoon 380 is economical option of catamaran in our fleet, there are some small differences in comparison with Lagoon 450 – only 2 toilets with manual waterpump and shower cabins. There is no water softner in such model of catamaran, but it is equipped with 300L water tank. This water is technical and can’t be used for drinking. Drinking water should be purchased for all type of yachts beforehand.

There is a dinghy and several sets for snorkeling on board. Nobody refuses to use it. Furthermore it is provided for free.

Each catamaran has all the necessary equipment for safety trip. Besides we provide special signal equipment in case of some unexpected danger. All our catamarans have full safety equipment according to the high standards of British Register and it is always under the control supervisory authorities and technical service.

Croatia on yacht and surroundings.

Beautiful nature, thermal springs, a lot of historical spots and places of interest and of course local cuisine.

Clean and safety beaches with a high level of service. But what the reason to go to the beach if you have your personal spot on yacht! If you want cool parties go to the Island of Pag, which is also called Croatian Ibiza. This is a modern place with vibrant atmosphere with bars, restaurants and other spots))

Here is a route suggestion for a week in Croatia - Šibenik, Dubrovnik, Split, Istria, Hvar, Brac, Krk and Korcula islands. For somebody who is interested in history and eco-tourism Croatia provides a lot of opportunities - ancient castles, fortresses and cities, monasteries, national parks and lakes. We highly recommend you Lake of St. Maria on the island of Mlet, which has its own small island inside!

Croatian cuisine suggests a wide range of tasty meat and seafood, Paški cheese and grapes on the island of Pag. If you like Turkish or Hungarian type of cuisine you will definitely like Croatian one too. All the food are very high quality and ecological. It is better to taste meat in the central part of the country, and of course seafood is more popular nearby the seaside. There is an influence of Italian cuisine in some coastal areas. You should try pršut – jerked pork, Paški cheese, kulen – jerked sausage with spices, Visovačka begavica – lamb with sour milk. We also recommend you to try fish stew - brodet. And of course try local wine.

Budget for holidays in Croatia. How much should you plan to spend in Croatia?

Medium price for Lagoon380 in Croatia for a week will be 3400 EUR, prices vary during the season from 2100 EUR in low season to 4500 EUR in high season.

Medium price for obligatory expenses will be 3550 EUR.

You will spend not more than 200 EUR per week for fuel.

Skipper’s service per week will be about 980 EUR.

Additional services - 50 EUR.

Provisioning - 200 EUR (here we included also meal in the restaurants not only on yacht).

Let’s divide it for 8 persons and we will get 1000 EUR per each.

The flight will cost about 180 EUR.

And we get 1200 EUR per person.

Total price for renting Lagoon380 in Croatia for 7 days for 8 persons will be 9600EUR (refundable caution deposit is not included)

If you compare it with the hotel you will see that it is almost the same price. But you receive something more from your holidays on catamaran: you’re free to go anywhere you want, you change the city where you stay but in the same time you’re always in the same “hotel” with the same comfort. You’re almost all the time on the beach but in the same time you feel the comfort of the excellent hotel! Besides there are a lot of possibilities to visit different places, get a lot of new impressions and experience and it is also good for health. You will receive a lot of likes in your Instagram account!

Catamaran should be booked for 7 days, from Saturday to Saturday. We provide the whole catamaran and don’t make bookings for separate cabins or beds. You should arrive for check-in on Saturday at 17:00, then on Friday at 17:00 you should be back to the marina and make check-out at 9:00 on next Saturday. If during the check-out we notice some damages the cost of reparation will be charged from caution deposit. It is possible to decrease caution deposit by buying insurance. You are free to choose the route you want. Yacht Voyage is responsible only for providing the bareboat catamaran.

If you want to have a new experience and tired with Turkey and Egypt ring the changes with our Lagoon380 in Croatia! It is a good choice both for young people and for families with children. You will have wonderful vacation on yacht in Adriatic sea in Croatia!

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