Rental cost of Lagoon500 in Italy

Here we go with the complete information and rentalterms for Lagoon500, price, full budget including «hidden associated expenses»and its comparison with a hotel accommodation. The terms and everything you need to know in advance to have a comfortable vacation. Description with images of the catamaranLagoon500. Some useful data of Sardinia, Corsica and other places you may visit within your 7–day cruise.Bareboat (provided you have your sailing certificate) or skippered rent. Sales team will gladly answer your questions +7 495 721 4979

06/04/19-04/05/19 € 4300
04/05/19-25/05/19 € 6200
25/05/19-22/06/19 € 7700
22/06/19-27/07/19 € 8800
27/07/19-24/08/19 € 10500
24/08/19-21/09/19 € 9500
21/09/19-19/10/19 € 7000
19/10/19-08/11/19 € 4500
Refundable deposit 5000 €
Mandatory extras:
Comfort pack (final cleaning, linen and towels, gas) 270 €/charter
Outboard engine 100 €/week
Refundable deposit 5000 €
Optional extras:
Kayak 150 €/week
Puddle surf 150 €/week
Gennaker 300 €/week (with the refundable deposit of 500 EUR)
WIFI 100 €/week
Beach towel 10 €/piece

The security deposit is aimed at covering the repairs in case the damage occurred by customer’s fault. In Italy under the new legislation it cannot be insured.The only possible means of leaving the security deposit is a bank transfer 7 days prior to the charter start. The difference between the repair cost and the deposit amount will be refunded. If the catamaran comes fine without any damages the customer gets full refund of the deposit to his bank account. It is not an instant procedure of cause but takes several days.

If you hire a skipper mind to check if he has a personal insurance that would cover the damage occurred by his fault.Otherwise it will be taken from your security deposit.

If you have any failures of important equipment during your charter we undertake to sort this out within 48 hours. On your request the base manager in Olbia will send you our technicians to make the repairs. In such cases we make a technical statement with the indication of a person in charge for the breach – he will be the one to cover the repair works.

Being the owner of sailing catamarans (in this case the owner of Lagoon500 located in Italy) Yacht Voyage provides it in ready-to-sail condition – this is our main service. You may have skippered or bare boat charter on Lagoon 500 as Yacht Voyage always meets the customers half-way in case they have proper license with the allowance not less than 12 sea miles off shore.Your nautical skills will be checked at base.View the sailing experience form you will need to fill in beforehand. If you don’t have a sailing certificate you will have to hire a skipper and it is highly desirable that he had a personal insurance that will save your money in case of his failures. We offer some obligatory extra services – comfort pack and an outboard engine for the dinghy. Comfort pack includes such inevitable things and services like bed linen, gas for the cooker, final cleaning. We do not include this in the rental cost. The cost of an outboard engine is the cost of its fueling. Ofcourse,the dinghy has oars and may be used as a rescue means but mainly it is used for getting to the shore and just for having fan. You will have the opportunity to try it and agree that it is a part of your entertainment. The optional services rendered by Yacht Voyage and the rates are given above, you may ask for them and pay at base.

On spot you may also have some additional services from third parties– like hiring skippers or other crew, catering, transfers etc. but it is better to take care of it in advance as you will have much to do before your departure–at check in.

The contract is the document officially regulating almost all the relations between the customer and the fleet owner. We strongly recommend looking it through in advance, below you will find a link to download the contract. If necessary, our sales team will focus on its important points and answer your questions.

The main clauses of the contract:

  • Catamaran model.
  • Rental cost and deposit amount.
  • Dates of your charter. Usually starting from a week with start and finish on Saturdays.
  • Embarkation/ disembarkation point. If it is not our base in Marina di Olbia (that is also possible) the terms and the delivery fee are agreed in advance, this is an extra service.
  • Check in and check out time – the appointment you must follow as we need to reserve time for preparing the boat for the next charter. You should arrive at our base by 17:00 on Saturday for the check in procedure, next Saturday by 9:00 you need to make check out.
  • Safety requirements and proper use of the equipment aboard. This crucial point is rarely read and is the reason of covering the breaches from the security deposit.
  • providing you and your mates’ document scans.
  • There is also a rule concerning fuel and fecal tanks. YougetthecatamaranLagoon500 fully fueled and with empty fecal tanks. You must then deliver it in the same conditions with the fuel tanks full and fecal tanks empty. Refueling is possible almost in any marina, the fecal tanks must be emptied off the sanitary zone (your skipper must keep it in mind but you may give him a reminder). We charge the customers for the non-compliance of this requirement.
  • Final cleaning (for sure nobody is willing to clean the yacht after the vacation) and we follow the global practice of charging the customers for it.
  • No pets are allowed.

Payment schedule for the charter of Lagoon 500 in Italy: 50% upon the booking confirmation and the rest 50% a month prior to the charter start.

Discounts: We offer maximal early booking discounts up to 31/12 of the year prior to the year of embarkation. We have a very client friendly discount policy and if possible always try to make the best offers especially for long-term bookings.

This section is dedicated to the frequently asked questions on providing skippers, catering, transfers etc.

Let’s make it clear – Yacht Voyage do NOT provide skippers or other crew like chefs or hostesses,catering, visa/travel arrangements or transfers. We do not charge you for these services, as we do not render them.

Nevertheless,we have a data base of service providers and crew in the region. We will gladly share with you this information and give some useful advice (for example the day rate of skippers). You choose and make financial arrangements directly to the service providers.

Not to mention your stay in various marinas on your route. It is also payable or you may save your money anchoring off the marina and getting to the shore on your dinghy. This will also save you from risky situations when the hull may be damaged during the mooring maneuvers.For flights and hotels you may use the links below. We may support you with the official invitation letter for your visa application set.

Taking for granted the importance of the above mentioned information for your comfortable vacation we make you aware of the services we do not render, your comprehension is highly appreciated.

Technical equipment and capacity of the catamaran Lagoon 500.

Cruise sailing catamaran Lagoon500 comfortably accommodates up to 12 persons. Were commend to gather 10 passengers(2 persons in each cabin). The main dimensions are: length is almost 15,5meters, width is almost 9 meters.This is more than 130-square meters comfortable space for your leisure.5 spacious cabins have luxurious wooden appearance.There are two single cabins for crew.Each of double cabins has its toilet and shower. The toilets are electric. The four cabins have full-sized double beds and the fifth is a double bunk. All the cabins have closets and other spaces for storage. The air conditioning system in addition to illuminators covers all the yachts. Thecentralcabinisdesignedtogiveaccommodationto2-3 persons (if needed) but its main feature is 360 degree overview, here the big kitchen share the space with dining roomand there is an additional control panel. The kitchen is equipped with gas cooker with oven, microwave, refrigerators, TV with DVD, air conditioning, audio system and auxiliary spaces.In the back side of the deck right after the saloon with a big table there are comfortable sofas and a fridge. You may put on a transparent «screen» to protect yourself from wind.On the upper part of the yacht and in the front of the hull there are comfortable mats for sun bathing (there is also a net between two hulls)there you may even sleep in the open air enjoying the fresh breeze and stars above.

Of course there is navigation equipment and autopilot.In addition to the two water tanks with the capacity of240l there is a water maker. It provides water for your household needs not for drinking. You should buy portable water in advance.Lagoon 500 has a dinghy and some snorkeling sets are offered for free.

The catamaran is fully equipped with rescue means and safety equipment in accordance with its capacity. There is a life raft for 12 persons, life vests and life rings and other rescue and alarm equipment as per the strict requirements of the British registry.

You are welcomed in Italian Sardinia and French Corsica!

The Italian Sardinia is full of perfectly equipped luxurious marinas the rich people love to visit. For example Porto Cervo. It is a very beautiful place and not a cheap one of course. You may visit other beautiful places in Sardinia and not too expensive. By the way the level of service and staff is by no means worse even in cheaper marinas. Seafood is delicious everywhere) Cheese, vines and any dishes of the Italian cuisine will bring you much delight.Tuna for example, in the end of May in the place Carloforte on the Island of San-Pietro Tuna round dance fest is held – it is an international gastronomic fair focused on sea products and tuna of the highest quality. We recommend you to taste Sardinian boar with sweet and sour sauce «аcarracsu» that means 'braised under ground'.Bottarga is a Sardinian dish made of mullet or tuna caviar carefully taken from the fish and dried at the sun with salt – it is a great appetizer, it is served with thistle and small age. The natural beauty, calm bays and marinas full of entertainments, you will be fond of the purest beaches. Various historical places to visit are waiting for you. If you decide to dine out in a small family cafes you will discover that the meals there would be much more delicious than in luxurious restaurants (this is one of their outstanding features).

At a stone’s throw on the other side of the Bonifacio Strait there lies the famous island of Corsica where Napoleon was born, it is a very good place for sightseeing.Corsican divine sandy beaches are for those who like to lie at the sun. For mounting explorers it will offer various mountain routes: Corsica is most mountainous island of the Mediterranean. And the tourist inspired by historical events will find lot of 'treasures' there dated by prehistoric civilization!

The Bonifacio Strait always offers good winds and add a bit of adrenaline to racing lovers.In the end of high season Yacht Voyage organizes a regatta in Bonifacio, see here. Anyway you are not limited in choosing your route, being at sea you should feel freedom!Your skipper is the one who can recommend your route.He could also be a rather creative guide, assistant and mate.You will share the table with him during your voyage.A few words on average Italian rates. Mooringsinmarinaswillcostfrom180to 200 EUR per night and 350 EUR in Porto Cervo,there you will get connected to the sources of electricity and water. Taxi rates from the airport to the base range from 20 EUR for a car and 50 EUR for a micro bus.

You route example is drafted here.

From our Marina di Olbia you may sail straight to the Aranci gulf to enjoy the famous "white" beach, in the high season it is very crowded and we recommend to visit San Teodoro instead with its beach LaCinta. Then going to Porto Rotondo. This is a place loved by Silvio Berlusconi and a great shopping area.Going to Portisco – the most beautiful beach in Sardinia (shallows), where one can hardly get by public transport. Porto Cervo is the biggest and the most splendid port with the most expensive yacht club located there , it is very popular among celebrities.

The La Maddalena archipelago is a virgin nature area and a national park.You will enjoy visiting historical places associated with the name of Giuseppe Garibaldi and after sailing through the Bonifacio to Corsica you will go back to the home port in Olbia.

Our base is located in Sardinia, Olbia, please find below a map with the infrastructure of the locality that may help you a lot when it comes to finding a restaurant, a car for rent, shopping or hotel service or other tourist places. You may take a plane from Rome or go by ferry.

And now the full budget of your sea leisure at Lagoon500 and associated expenses.

Let’stakeanaveragerentalpriceof11000 EUR as the rates vary significantly within the season(from 4500 in low season, to 14300 EUR high season).

Adding mandatory extras for 370 EUR.

Fuel – up to200 EUR per week.

Skipper service - 1400 EUR per week.

Some additional extra- 100 EUR.

Provisioning 350 EUR per person.

Divided into 10 persons it will be around1650 EUR per person.

The flight and visa will cost250 EUR.

The grand total is around1900 EUR per person.

And the final budget of the yacht Lagoon500 rent in Italy (deposit not included) is19000EUR. Thedepositamountis5000 EUR and it is refundable. TOTAL is 24000 EUR.

This type of yacht is usually preferred by well-off people or big companies of friends and we will not warn you of its high price. Not to mention that if a person rents a superior yacht in Italy (especially in Sardinia) he perfectly knows what he wants and how much it is. No compromise and no comments.

If you want to compare this with a hotel stay let’s do it as well.

a double room in a decent 5-star hotel for a week will cost minimum1500 EUR. The meals will cost higher - for each lunch you will needtospendaround50 EUR, if you add breakfast and dinner the total per day for 2 persons will be minimum 150 EUR that results in 1000EUR in total.Adding at least one excursion, sightseeing around the island (not islands), beach rates and some associated expenses we get minimum350-400 EUR. The average per one person will be around 1400 EUR. Theflightandvisawilladd250 EUR, and here you are with the same resultof1650 EUR per person.

Bu tdon’t for get to compare the level and comfort of your vacation in both cases – you will not have to share your space with unknown neighbors at a yacht, no queues in the buffet, all the time you enjoy fresh food and private beach where nobody will disturb you, no strangers –only your friends or family members around. You are free to visit various islands, you may practice water sports at any time. And besides sailing is very romantic). Spending your holiday like this BUT without a yacht will incur 2-3 time higher expenses!

Let’s summarize.

Your charter in Italy (Sardinia) may last a week – from Saturday to Saturday – or multiple weeks, you rent the whole yacht, not only your cabin.On the day of check in you should arrive at our base in Olbia by 17:00 and sign the check in protocol, on the last day you have to check out up to9 a.m.The fuel must be refilled, the fecal tanks - emptied. If during the check out procedure there are some breaches detected you will have to cover the repair works and spares from your security deposit(the difference will be refunded). You may hire a skipper or be a skipper yourself provided you are a holder of a sailing license. You are free to draft your routes, spend nights on mooring in marinas, you pay for your skipper and provisioning.Mind to arrange visa for yourself.

We traditionally advise you that the cruise catamaranLagoon500 is not a cheap entertainment especially in the mentioned region of Sardinia, but if you are a business class passenger you can easily afford it (for example if you need a test drive before buying a yacht) or just spend your VIP vacation with no strangers around. If you are accompany offriends– just having 1000-2000 EUR each you will get a superior-level vacation.

If you want to have a comfortable vacation with a smaller budget see the overview forLagoon450 in the other base of Yacht Voyage:

In Spain, Mallorca,

In Italy (Sardinia) ,

in Montenegro (Tivat).

The most budget-friendly variant isLagoon380 in Montenegro– view here.

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